July 4 2015 126I have been impressed by a lot of great country artists over the past 50 years. But, I don’t think any of them ever grabbed me the way Haley & Michaels did.  That was back in February, 2013, when I first saw them at 12th & Porter in Nashville [article here]. They were a relatively new duo at that time. A pair of writers from the same part of California, who didn’t know each other then, but somehow got together in Nashville and started writing, and performing together.  This was a combination that not only worked then, but continues to get even better with every song they write, and ever live performance they share with their audience.

July 4 2015 162When I first saw them on stage, and heard their music, it was clear to me that we would be hearing a lot more form Haley & Michaels in the months to come.  It took their last sing,e, “Just Another Love Song,” to get their music on some of our Top 40 Country stations across this country. However, anyone who listens to XM Radio has heard a lot of Hailey & Michaels on Sirius XMs The Highway.  “The Price I Pay” will always be one of my favorite songs. The music video to this one was released in 2013, and directed by Annie Price. Hope you will run over to YouTube and check it out. “Just Another Love Song”, which we heard a lot on our local radio station, WXBQ, also has a great video, directed by Shane Drake.  If you remember Richie McDonald from the band, Lonestar, and that awesome single “Amazed” – look for Richie in this video (as well as a little of his vocals during a flashback which includes a little from the song “Amazed”. [YouTube link]

July 4 2015 165Haley & Michaels stay busy in the studio, and on the road.  Other songs they’ve released recently include “500 Miles,” “One More Night to Break”, and their latest, “Giving It All  (To You)”.  Their self-titled EP is available on iTunes, as well as singles you can purchase there. You will definitely want to keep up with their show schedule!  They have shows up right now into August, which include dates in Illinois, Nebraska, Idaho and other places.  So visit their web site to find out when they might be somewhere close to you!

July 4 2015 229It is always nice to be remembered, and Haley & Michaels were quick to recognize me at the event last night.  I had only met them once before – and I have to tell you, these kids just as nice, and attentive to their fans now as they were at the start of their careers. We’re going to post a lot of pictures, and some of them you will see them with fans, signing autographs for fans, and just talking to anyone who wanted to talk to them.  As much success as I wish them, I hope they never out-grow that desire to be friendly to the people who are supporting them.

July 4 2015 184While Shannon (Haley) and Ryan (Michaels) were the artists we all came there to see, I have to mention the very talented group of people they work with!  I’m talking about their band.  This duo does not just stand in front of the band and sing, they work with them! And, they work well with them. It’s never easy to get get pictures of a drummer (they always seem to be hiding behind the cymbals) – but I will try to get some photos of the band in with the show pictures below.  That very talented group was made up of Colton Bares, keyboard; Klaus Luchs, guitar; Joe Fox, guitar; Mike Ball, bass; and Ryan Beydler, drums.

Here are a more pictures from last night’s great show. The first one is with Marc Tragler from WXBQ radio. Some of the others were taken before the show (sound check), some after the show, with fans, with the band, and even one of Haley & Michaels enjoying our fireworks show!  Thanks for staying to watch the fireworks!

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In addition to their web site, check out their Facebook page, and remember to “Like” it while you are there. We’ve already pointed you to a few of the links where you can watch their videos on YouTube.  And, you can follow them on Twitter @haleynmichaels.  If you aren’t already following Country’s Chatter on Twitter, we would love to have you! You will find us @countryschatter.

Haley & Michaels were our headliners last night, but we also had great music from three other artists.  We’ll be posting articles and pictures of them very soon. Check back for more updates on our Pepsi Independence Day Celebration in Johnson City, Tenn., and for more country music news!

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I have been impressed by a lot of great country artists over the past 50 years. But, I don’t think any of them ever grabbed me the way Haley & Michaels did.  That was back in February, 2013, when I first saw them at 12th & Porter in Nashville...