Scotty McCreery 066Scotty McCreery knows how to open up a Fair!  He was the headliner on Monday, Aug. 24, 2015, at the Appalachian Fair in Gray, Tenn. Four of us from Country’s Chatter were on hand to watch the show, take notes, put our thoughts together, and come up with a review for all of you. I had the honor of joining Scotty before the show for a little interview before the Meet & Greet.  I had intended to write one article tonight, a combination ‘show review and interview’. BUT, after seeing the show we saw tonight, that would take entirely too much space.  So for tonight, a show review and photos. Tomorrow we’ll get our questions and Scotty’s answers posted for all of you.

I have never seen Scotty on stage before. I really didn’t know what to expect. I remember him from American Idol, like all of you, I hear his music on the radio, and like many on his fans, I own all of his CD’s (Clear as Day, See You Tonight and Christmas with Scotty McCreery).  So, I was familiar with his talent. And, I was more than familiar with his character. In more than one interview, Scotty  has said that he is not ashamed of his faith. He is not only talented, genuine, and caring – but he is also the perfect role model for our young people.  Several years ago – we learned that Scotty is involved with Operation Christmas Child. This is a charity (like many others), which is near and dear to Scotty’s heart. [See previous Country’s Chatter article about Scotty’s involvement with this program by clicking here]. It’s just one more thing that shows you the kind of person Scotty is.  What he does on stage shows you the kind of entertainer he is.

Scotty McCreery 076We watched the show, we were all involved in the show. Scotty showed the entire audience how to have a good time.  Everyone was singing along, yelling, clapping, and just having fun … oh, all that was long before the beach balls took to the air and got batted throughout the audience.  This kid is a very high-energy, thoroughly entertaining artist.  No one went away disappointed  after that performance.  He gave us the songs we wanted to hear – like “I Love  You This Big,” “Feelin’ It”, “Trouble With Girls,” “See You Tonight,” and “Water Tower Town”.  We got to see him perform his new single, “Southern Belle,” which will be on its way to radio soon.  And, we got to hear him cover some of the music of country legends! He did Alabama, Merle Haggard, Roger Miller, Alan Jackson and even Johnny Cash. And he did every one of them great.

Scotty won American Idol in May 2011 – he has certainly come a long way since then!  He left FOX looking like a beginner – oh, a beginner with talent for sure, but still, someone who didn’t quite know his way around a stage yet.  Things certainly can change a lot in four years. Today, Scotty McCreery puts on a show equal to any of our most seasoned performers. He plays to his audience, he sings to his audience, and he is such a bundle of energy that it seemed the older folks in the audience got tired just watching him. But everyone of them enjoyed what they were seeing.  If I had to guess, I would say 8 to 80 isn’t quite a broad enough range for the age of audience members at this show. There is nothing about Scotty on stage that you aren’t going to like. He definitely gave fans a show they are going to remember, and one they are going to want to see again.

Scotty McCreery 128If there is any truth to the expression that a great show will always leave the audience wanting more – then Scotty certainly had a great show. He didn’t do it alone. He had five extremely talented musicians on stage with him.   And, I just have to tell you who they were.  On keyboard, we had Jeff Harper; Guitar, Dylan Rosson; Drums, Joey Sanchez; Bass, Nathan Thomas; and steel, Justin Ward.

Scotty MCcreery – you were born to do what you are doing! You made a lot of people very happy tonight, with your performance, and with your obvious appreciation for your fans.  There was a meet and greet before the show, and after the show, Scotty stayed to sign autographs for a very long line of fans.  People remember that.   It is important for an artist to make a little time to let the fans know they are the reason the entertainer does what he does.  And, Scotty definitely did that.

I’m going to close this out with a few more photos from Scotty’s night at the Appalachian Fair. We’ll include some of the band, some of the crowd, some of the interview Scotty did with WXBQ’s Marc Tragler… a little of everything.  Enjoy! We’ll be back (hopefully tomorrow), with the interview. From the tour manager, Mike, to the to the guy who drove the big rig, everyone was as nice, and helpful as they could be.  Everyone of you is a star in my book!

Scotty McCreery 009Scotty McCreery 013

Scotty McCreery 025Scotty McCreery 044Scotty McCreery 049

Scotty McCreery 056Scotty McCreery 062

Scotty McCreery 080Scotty McCreery 070

Scotty McCreery 129Scotty McCreery 089

Scotty McCreery 124Scotty McCreery 113Scotty McCreery 091

In addition to Scotty’s web site, be sure to visit his Facebook page (and, remember to “Like” it while you are there!).  You can also follow him on Twitter @ScottyMcCreery If you aren’t already following Country’s Chatter on Twitter, we’d love to have you! You will find  us @countryschatter.

We will be back with more soon, and will try to get Scotty’s interview posted tomorrow. One night down, five to go!  See you all at the Fair!

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Scotty McCreery knows how to open up a Fair!  He was the headliner on Monday, Aug. 24, 2015, at the Appalachian Fair in Gray, Tenn. Four of us from Country’s Chatter were on hand to watch the show, take notes, put our thoughts together, and come up with a...