Charlie Daniels 196I wonder if Charlie Daniels really knows how much his fans love him, and how much it means to them to get to see him do a live show. I am sure he appreciates all of his fans. However, I’m not sure he expected the crowd he had at our fairgrounds last night.  When you have a sell-out audience, with the extra rows added to the reserved seating area; people in the grandstand three hours before the show to make sure they had a seat; the grounds around the stage area packed with people who stood there for the entire show, just to hear his music, and see what they could around the people in front of them – well, all those folk had to get there somehow.  And, getting there created more than a small traffic jam on I-26.  Guess who was caught in that traffic?  With the help of the Washington County Sheriff’s Department, blue-light police escort, Charlie made it through the traffic in time for his Meet & Greet, and his show.

Charlie and the band  took the stage at about 8:15 p.m. and they didn’t stop until 9:50 p.m.  Like everyone in that audience, I got so caught up in the show, I almost forgot I was there to take notes, take photos, and get an article written.  But somehow, I managed to do all of that and still enjoy one of the absolute best concerts I’ve seen in a very long time.

Charlie Daniels 213It wasn’t just the music that kept us all entertained. It was the stories. Charlie told us about how his son encouraged him to get a computer, a web site, e-mail…and then, Twitter.  Charlie said he had no idea what Twitter was. But now, he loves it.  He told us about when he was five-years-old, and Japan attack Pearl Harbor. He shared his memories of blackouts and air-raid drills.  And he told us that there are just two things that protect America – the grace of God and the U.S. Military. He spoke of traveling to some of  the worse places in the world to entertain our troops. No one n that audience got tired of the stories.  They were good stories, and no matter what they were about, Charlie made them entertaining.  He loves Tennessee. As fellow Tennesseans, we sure loved hearing that.

Charlie Daniels 125As soon as the show starts, you quickly discover why this is The Charlie Daniels Band, and not ‘Charlie Daniels and the …..”. The gentlemen in that band are among the best musicians in the world! I don’t think there is anything they couldn’t play. The awesome band, who each got to showcase their musical talent in the song “Black Ice”, are Charlie Hayward, on bass. Charlie has been with the band for 41 years.  We had Bruce Brown on Lead guitar, he is a 25 year member of CDB. He did a song he wrote for us. Very ‘blusey’ and very good!  Pat McDonald, who could have been a one-man show, has been with Charlie for 15 years. He gave us the most awesome, entertaining drum solo we’ve ever seen. And, Pat is quite comical, too. We thoroughly enjoyed him. Shannon Wickline is the newest member of the group. He is Charlie’s keyboard man, and has been playing with the band for four years. And folks, some day I hope you all get to hear Chris Wormer play the “William Tell Overture” on  guitar! Chris has been with the band for 15 years.

Charlie Daniels 068I have to give a big thank you to Chris Potts at the merchandise table.  It is very hard for us to get the names of the band members when we are sitting in the audience, and the artist introduces them from stage.  Usually, as last night, there are three or four of us from Country’s Chatter spread out through the audience, taking notes and photos for these write-ups.  But, even with all of that help, it can be difficult to catch those names when music is playing.  So thank you, Chris Potts, for spending a little time with us before the show, and providing me with the information about the band members. We wouldn’t want to write an article without including them. Chris is a very busy man – he’s been with Charlie 10 years, an din addition to working the merch table, he is also the equipment hauler.

Charlie Daniels 166The show was incredible. We  heard a lot of guitar, a lot of fiddle, a lot of music, and a wonderful rendition of “How Great Thou Art”. The crowd got on their feet at the end of that song. A well-deserved standing ovation for Charlie.  The show ended, as we knew it would, with “The Devil Went Down to Georgia”.  I don’t think any of us will ever get tired of hearing that one.

I’m going to close this one out with more photos form last night’s show. You’ll see one of Dylan Novak from Chillhowie, Va., with a few albums his collection of Charlie Daniels albums (vinyl). There is a photo of Becky Payne from Johnson City, Tenn., with her autographed violin; and as many as we can fit of Charlie and his awesome band. Have to include that Texas Roadhouse Armadillo, and thank those folks for providing food to the Hospitality area fair week.

Charlie Daniels 034Charlie Daniels 021Charlie Daniels 063

Charlie Daniels 009Charlie Daniels 210Charlie Daniels 073

Charlie Daniels 007Charlie Daniels 158

Charlie Daniels 161Charlie Daniels 032

Charlie Daniels 218Charlie Daniels 173Charlie Daniels 117

Charlie Daniels 100Charlie Daniels 109

In addition to Charlie’s web site, you can visit his Facebook pate, and remember to “Like” it while you are there. Spend some time on his YouTube channel, too. There is a lot going on there that will keep you entertained! You can follow him on Twitter @CharlieDaniels. If you aren’t already following Country’s Chatter on Twitter, we’d love to have you.  You will find us @countryschatter.

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I wonder if Charlie Daniels really knows how much his fans love him, and how much it means to them to get to see him do a live show. I am sure he appreciates all of his fans. However, I’m not sure he expected the crowd he had at...