Brothers Osborne 047If you ever thought that a Monday night wasn’t a great time to go to a concert – put the Brothers Osborne on stage, and think again! As you might expect, the audience was smaller than anyone would have liked, at opening night of the Washington County Fair in Abingdon, Va. It was a Monday. The young people had to get up for school the next day. Parents had to get up early for work. There was not a huge crowd.  While those of us in the audience had hoped there would be a bigger turnout, we’ve been going to concerts long enough to know that Monday just isn’t a big night.  I don’t think we really minded being part of that small group. I don’t think our headliners minded either. John and TJ walked out on to that stage and worked as if they were performing in front of 25,000 people. They left all of us knowing we got the best Brothers Osborne show they could give. They came out there doing what they enjoy doing. If their goal for the night was to put on one of the best shows southwest Virginia ‘fair-goers’ have seen in a very long time…Goal accomplished! And, they left all of us with this piece of advice for you – if you can only go to one concert this year, pick the Brothers Osborne. You will not be disappointed.

Brothers Osborne 029There are usually at least two of us from Country’s Chatter  at every concert we attend.  We take pictures, we take notes, and we commit a lot to memory.  All of that is necessary because we want to continue doing what we’ve been doing for the past nine years — share our concert experience with all of you. Last night, we went to an awesome show.  I know how good the show was, because there was a lot less ‘note-taking’ and a lot more just being ‘totally absorbed by the music’ than there usually is.  At one point, I turned around to my associate and asked, “Did TJ just say this song is one they are working on for the new album?”  Her response was, “I don’t know, I was just listening to the song”.  So, you are going to get a little show report today, and a lot of pictures.

Brothers Osborne 183It would not have been a Brothers Osborne concert without “Stay a Little Longer” and “Rum”, both major hits for the brothers, and both a part of their 5-track, self-titled EP. In addition to those two songs, we got to hear all of the other songs on the EP – “Arms of Fire”, “Shoot From the Hip”, and “Love the Lonely Out of You”. If you don’t have that EP yet, it is still available on iTunes.)

BR OS are currently working on a new album, and shared some of the music they are working on for that new release. These guys are great song-writers, and while we all enjoyed hearing them sing what they wrote, we absolutely loved hearing them do things like Willie’s “Whiskey River,” and Hank Sr.’s “Hey, Good Lookin’.” When these two sing, their music just flows. They can go from the new ones they’ve just written, to the old ones made famous by others, and back again – without skipping a beat.  “Down Home” was one of our ‘new’ favorite Osborne Brothers songs that we heard last night.

Brothers Osborne 212These two have great on-stage personalities.  They talk to their audience. They connect with their fans. They share stories. They each have an obvious sense of humor that must make a road trip with them a real experience. TJ told us about his ride from the hotel to the fairgrounds in a police car – where he ended up being on the losing end of a fake arrest. That’s what can happen, TJ, when you insist on riding in the back seat. {photo above]

Brothers Osborne 131I can honestly say that John Osborne is probably the best guitarist I’ve seen on stage in a very long time. If everyone else on that stage decided to run off and grab a bite to eat, he could have carried the show alone until they returned. He is so entertaining all by himself, and so good your eyes just get fixed on him when he works. That said, I’m definitely not taking anything away from the rest of those find musicians on stage.  Of course, TJ did his part – singing, playing, talking to the audience, and even answering a few random questions from the crowd. His vocals were great, as were John’s – they work well together.  I suppose all that is just part of who they are. They are brothers. They work well together, they perform well together.  We can’t talk about working well together without mentioning the band.  Band members Adam Box, drums; Jason Graumlich, utility; and Pete Stembert, bass are not just part of the background.  They are part of the music.  A big part.  Without a doubt they all enjoyed doing what they do.

Brothers Osborne 172I’m going to end this with a few more pictures from last night’s show, and that recommendation from Country’s Chatter to you – that you find a Brothers Osborne Concert near you, and get your tickets before the sell out. It will be one of those concerts you remember for a very long time. The pictures you’ll see below were all taken on-stage, and will include John and TJ (naturally), band members, and even our world-famous WXBQ Rabbit and his on-air crew who were there to introduce the show.  And, they were there because fans love The Rabbit!

Brothers Osborne 205Brothers Osborne 206

Brothers Osborne 201Brothers Osborne 202Brothers Osborne 203

Brothers Osborne 019Brothers Osborne 022

Brothers Osborne 032Brothers Osborne 034Brothers Osborne 035

Brothers Osborne 199Brothers Osborne 200

Brothers Osborne 180Brothers Osborne 030

In addition to their web site, take a minute and check out their Facebook page, and please remember to “Like” it while you are there. They have a lot of great pictures on Instagram, and videos you can sit back and enjoy on YouTube. You can also follow them on Twitter @brothersosborne. If you aren’t already following Country’s Chatter on Twitter, we’d love to have you. You will find us @countryschatter.

Back with more soon!

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If you ever thought that a Monday night wasn’t a great time to go to a concert – put the Brothers Osborne on stage, and think again! As you might expect, the audience was smaller than anyone would have liked, at opening night of the Washington County Fair in...