Jason Michael Carroll 041Last night, Jason Michael Carroll stepped out on stage at the Russell County Fair in Castlewood, Va., and the audience was definitely ready for him.  Many of the people in the audience had seen Jason before. And, having him back in this area again was the perfect way to bring the 2015 Russell County Fair to an end, and bring back a lot of good memories for those fans. A day before we saw him in Virginia, he posted two pictures on his Facebook page. In one photo he had on a cowboy hat. In the other one, he didn’t. He said he always wore a hat growing up, but for some reason, when he moved to Nashville, he stopped wearing the hat. He asked if the fans would like to see him in the hat again. Many said yes, and on Saturday night, we got a show, and a hat.  He did take it off from time to time, but my vote still goes on the ‘in favor of’ side where the hat is concerned.

As we already said, this wasn’t Jason Michael Carroll’s first time in the Southwest Virginia/Northeast Tennessee area.  But, it has been a while. Back in June, 2008, Jason did a show at the fair in Wise, Va. [Acticle] We got to see Jason again when he came to Steele Creek Park in Bristol, Tenn., to put on a free show in the amphitheater at the park. We were in that audience, and quick to make our way through the large group of fans who were also waiting for that photo or autograph opportunity.  Jason was more than happy to give the fans what they were waiting for, after performing for nearly 90 minutes. [If you missed that article, please click here]. We were fortunate to get Jason back on our Funfest stage in Kingsport, Tenn., in July, 2010. Early that day, many hours before he was scheduled to take the stage at FunFest, Jason made time in his already busy schedule to meet with fans at the Kingsport Mall. We were there again, for another opportunity to say ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ to his young country artist.  There is an article up about that meet and greet at the mall, which you will find by clicking here. That night, Jason hit the stage at Kingsport’s FunFest and put on a great show for all of those fans at J. Fred Thompson Stadium. Yes, we’ve got an article up about that one, too. You will find it here.

Jason Michael Carroll 258The weather was doing strange things last night.  Bright sunshine when we first arrived; then the clouds rolled in. By the time the show started, we were watching through a sea of umbrellas, and the rain began to fall. Fortunately, that didn’t last long, but it was really cold.  Fall hit these Virginia mountains early this year.  We sat out in the mid-50 degree weather with coats, umbrellas – cold and wet – but no one was leaving. The show was better than good, the crowd was more than entertained, and Jason Michael Carroll showed us that what he could to seven years ago, he can still do today.

Jason Michael Carroll 076Jason gave us the songs we remember him for, “I Can Sleep When I’m Dead”, “Alyssa Lies,” and “Where I’m From” – and he closed the show with “Livin’ Our Love Song” – the perfect choice, and probably the one a lot of us had been waiting for. But he also gave us some of the songs from his current album, “What Color is Your Sky”, And, we got to hear his version of the Prince hit, “Purple Rain”.  What made the night more special for me was when he sang the George Jones classic, “He Stopped Loving Her Today”.  It was beautifully done, and the crowd was obviously has happy as I was about him choosing to sing that one for us.

After the show, I spent a minute with Richie Scholl, guitar player and back-up vocals for band.  I found out a few things about Richie, too. He has a new album coming out soon, and I hope you will all go visit his web site. I think you are going to like his music. We need to introduce you to those other very talented musicians who shared the stage with Jason last night. Seth Jersey played bass, Andrew Dickson was on drums, and Blake Padilla handled the keyboards. Every one of these men only added to what was already captivating show.

Jason Michael Carroll 207Jason was just as nice about meeting fans and signing autographs for them last night as he was back in 2008. He kept singing, while posing for ‘selfies’ with fans from the stage. And, even with Sacramento the next show on his schedule, he was not in a huge hurry to leave the fairgrounds last night.  He stayed, he signed, he posed for pictures, and the fans will always remember actions like those.

Jason Michael Carroll 254I can’t imagine how many people Jason Michael Carroll has met since the first time I met him nearly seven years ago. So, you can imagine the huge smile that came across my face when he said, “I’ve met you before’.  And, it meant a lot to me when he followed that with, “How is your blog doing?”  We have been doing Country’s Chatter for nearly nine years now.  We do it because we love it.  During the past nine years, we’ve gotten help with writing, a lot of help with photography, and, we have gotten a lot of very nice comments from our readers, industry people, and even the artists.  That will always be special to us.  Thank you, Jason!

I’m going to end this with a few more pictures from last night’s show. You will see pictures of band members, fans, and of course, Jason Michael Carroll, doing what he does best – keeping the crowd entertained!

Jason Michael Carroll 152Jason Michael Carroll 219Jason Michael Carroll 052

Jason Michael Carroll 134Jason Michael Carroll 209

Jason Michael Carroll 253Jason MIchael Carroll 256Jason MIchael Carroll 257

Jason Michael Carroll 042Jason Michael Carroll 045Jason Michael Carroll 044

Jason Michael Carroll 060Jason Michael Carroll 062

In addition to Jason’s web site, please visit his Facebook page, and remember to “Like” it while you are there. Take a few minutes to visit his YouTube channel, too – there are interviews, music, and even a duet with Jewel. Definitely a lot to keep you entertained there.  You can follow him on Twitter @JMCOfficial. If you aren’t alrady following Country’s Chatter on Twitter, we’d love to have you! You will find us @countryschatter.

We will be back with more soon!

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Last night, Jason Michael Carroll stepped out on stage at the Russell County Fair in Castlewood, Va., and the audience was definitely ready for him.  Many of the people in the audience had seen Jason before. And, having him back in this area again was the perfect way to...