This post is going to be a little bit different for our readers here at Country’s Chatter.  While we tell you about Harvest Fest, held in Kingsport, Tenn., on Saturday, Oct. 10, you are also going to learn a little more about us. When it comes to music, we really do listen to more than just country.  Not a lot more – but more.  One type of music we particularly enjoy is good Christian music.  Contemporary Christian Music, I think people call it today.  But, whatever they call it – it is uplifting, inspiring, and leaves an audience feeling glorified and rewarded.

Danny Gokey, Mandisa, NewSong, RENO, Carrollton, Calling Glory, Tanner Clark and Neal Hartley were all on hand to bring us music and messages that warmed our hearts and stirred emotions. Every artist, every set was as miraculous as it was entertaining.  All of these artists came to Kingsport, Tenn., to spend their entire Saturday with us.

The folks at LOVE 100.3 FM in Kingsport, Tenn., along with many area businesses who sponsored the event, had hoped to hold this at Cleek Farms Corn Maze.  Nature did not cooperate.  Because of heavy rains the day before, and the threat of an all-day rain event on Saturday, The program was moved to Higher Ground Baptist Church in Kingsport, Tenn.  It’s a beautiful church, and large enough to hold the crowd that came to watch the show that day.  Anyone in the Northeast Tennessee area who missed this, they are planning on doing it again next year.  II am already counting the days to that one!

Today, I’m going to tell you a little about our headliners, throw a few pictures up for you, and hope that you will visit the artists web sites, search out their Facebook pages, follow them on Twitter – and most importantly, listen to their music. And, get to know who they are. I could write for the next three days and not begin to tell you how very special this event was to me. I’ll get another article up to tell you about the five remaining artists. It just wasn’t possible to include them all in one article.

DSC_0068Danny Gokey was sixth in the line-up of artists Saturday. it was fairly obvious that while everyone in the audience was enjoying the entire show — many audience members were waiting for him.  We all remember Danny from American Idol.  Many people, like me, have been following his career since his third place finish on that show back in 2009. And, while we didn’t know where Danny’s career was going to take him, God did. Danny is not only a very talented vocalist, he is a great speaker, and a great entertainer.  When Danny talks to the audience, you feel like he is talking to YOU.  Doesn’t matter how dark the auditorium is. Doesn’t mater if Danny can see you in that crowd or not – it seems as if he can. We’ve been writing about Danny for a long time, and had a chance to speak with him briefly before and after the show. Didn’t have time for an interview, but hopefully we can get a ‘phoner’ or ‘e-mail’ interview sometime soon. Danny did announce that he has a new Christmas album coming out.  I jumped right on that one, and ordered my autographed copy after the show last night. Those will be shipped out Oct. 19 – and Christmas music will start early around our office. Visit Danny’s Facebook page, and please click on that “Like” while you are there. You will find him on Twitter @dannygokey. “Hope in Front of Me,” “I Will Not Say Goodbye,” “I will Not Say Goodbye” – all wonderful songs, all out there on YouTube for you to enjoy. Anyone  who was a fan of Danny’s when he was on American Idol, and hasn’t listened to him for a while – go have another listen.  He just keeps growing.

DSC_0090NewSong isn’t new to anyone who listens to Christian music. The group formed back in 1981. They  have performed everywhere.  They have more than two dozen albums, and singles that we’ve all heard on the radio. Songs a lot of us consider favorites include “When God Made  You,” “Rescue,” “This One’s With Me,” “You Are My King,” “Arise My Love,” “My Favorite Name is Father,” and one of my personal favorites, “the Christmas Shoes”. That song says asmuch about Love as any song I’ve ever heard. The members are Russ Lee, Billy Goodwin, Eddie Carswell, Matt Butler, Rico Thomas, Jack Pumphrey, and Mark Clay. There is no way these guys could have made their show any better.  When you put that many awesome musicians on stage, add bright lights, creative lyrics, talented vocalists, and toss in a cello – who could ask for more. They went beyond entertaining.  They are on my list of ‘things I want to see again’. Hope you will head over to YouTube and watch some of their videos. Check out their Facebook, and as we’ve said before – please remember to click on that “Like” button. New Song also has a Twitter, so find them @newsongonline.

DSC_0098Mandisa closed out the show last night. She is one incredible vocalist. Her powerful voice, her range, her energy, and that beautiful smile will just rab you – and not let you go. There are not enough adjectives, and good things to say about her. I know – I’ve been looking for them.  Just know when I tell you – the show was unbelievable.   From the minute she walked out on stage, the entire audience was involved. they sang, clapped, jumped up and down, danced, swayed, jumped, raised their hands toward the heavens, and celebrated life! It was fun. Mandisa was the perfect way to end a perfect event. Is there anyone out there who doesn’t know the song “Overcomer”.  I doubt it. That is Mandisa’s song.  She sings it, she means it.  What a great performance form this extremely talented lady.  When she left that stage last night, I was energized. I think we all were. I can’t speak for the rest of that crowd, but I didn’t get to sleep until after 2:00 a.m.  It’s just very hard to unwind after a show like this.  She has a Facebook, too.  Check it out when you have time. We need to remind you again to “Like” that page while you are there. I hope you will visit her YouTube channel, too. she will definitely keep you entertained – for as long as you can sit and watch.

I’m going to close with a few more pictures from last night’s show. And tomorrow – we’ll tell you about the other five acts who were a part of Harvest Fest 2015.  Thank you, LOVE 100.3 FM and all of your sponsors for bringing us this wonderful show!







Back tomorrow with more for you about the 2015 Harvest Fest.

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This post is going to be a little bit different for our readers here at Country’s Chatter.  While we tell you about Harvest Fest, held in Kingsport, Tenn., on Saturday, Oct. 10, you are also going to learn a little more about us. When it comes to music, we...