IMG_2523Those of you who have been reading Country’s Chatter for the past nine years have heard the name Lucas Hoge.  He has been on our radar for quite some time. More recently, our XM radio listeners have been hearing his latest single “Halabamalujah” on Sirius XM’s The Highway. Back in March, we posted an article about Lucas’ new role as Brand Ambassador for Cabela’s. This morning, we went opening of the new Cabela’s in Bristol, Tenn. This was a very exciting event for our area.

IMG_2522The grand opening at our was well attended. Store employees, management, officials and even the owner, were joined by area hunters, fishermen, sports enthusiasts, men, women and children of all ages who came out for the early-morning event.   As one of the Cabela’s Official Brand Ambassadors, Lucas Hoge was on hand to talk to the crowd and entertain with little pre-opening concert. check out that guitar!

DSC_0030Lucas’s wife, Laura Lynn Hoge, was also on hand, playing hostess for the event. That, of course included sharing her awesome emcee skills, handing out gifts, and pointing attendees in the direction of the coffee and donuts. She has an awesome personality, and did a wonderful job helping to entertain the crowd. Some of the people waiting for the doors to open for the first time had been camped out in the parking lot for two days! I’m sure they felt the wait was well worth their time.

DSC_0023We did an interview with Lucas, which we recorded. And unfortunately, when we played it back all we had was the first 20 seconds.  We thought about trying to post the interview for you all even though we lost the ‘word for word’ answers. However, I believe that instead of passing on what I remember to be his answers to our questions, I am going to wait until we have a chance to speak with him again (which will be soon), and then get that interview posted for all of you.

Until then though, I do want to tell you to get ready for “The Power of Garth,” which is the title of Lucas’ new single – expected to hit radio early in 2016. We’re hoping when the song is released (or even before that), Lucas will head out on a radio tour to share the song, and the story behind it with program directors at country radio stations across the country.  IMG_2526 (00000003)The opening today marked the 77th store for Cabela’s. If you don’t have one near you, I hope you will visit their web page and Facebook page, to learn a little more about them. If you do have a store near you, and have never been there – plan a trip.  A day in Cabela’s is a vacation all by itself. There is so much to see in the store, and there is even a coffee shop, if you happen to want a bite to eat. The first store was in Nebraska, where the Cabela family lives.  When I was at the opening this morning, it was so obvious that this was not just management and a group of employees – the Cabela’s family is ‘family’.  It looks like the perfect place to work. Every employee there looked like they were right at home.

We are going to end this article with a few more photos from the visit to Cabela’s this morning.  In addition to wonderful products – that include toys and stuffed animals for the kids, jackets, sweatshirts, hats, and footwear, camping equipment, hunting and fishing stuff, and even even food (if you are into Jerky, and who isn’t). But, this is more than a store, it’s like a safari. Get ready for the animals! Like I said, we’ll finish out with some photos, and you’ll get the idea. We’ll try to post a few photos of the band, shooting t-shirts into the crowd with their large sling shot; Kaitlyn Baker performing the National Anthem; and the Bristol Fire Department at local high school ROTC at the flag raising ceremony. Then – it will be time for a road trip!  Head on out to nearest Cabela’s – it is time for Christmas shopping!








We’ve already told you about Cabela’s web site and Facebook. You can also follow them on Twitter @Cabela’s. In addition to Lucas’ web site, visit his Facebook page, and remember to ‘Like” it while you are there. You can follow him on Twitter @lucashoge.  If you aren’t already following Country’s Chatter on Twitter, we’d love to have you! You will find us @countryschatter.

I can’t end this one without a huge thank you to Lucas and Laura Hoge, and to the wonderful folks at Cabela’s for their kindness to us today.  It is because of people like this, that we get to keep doing what we’ve been doing for the past nine years!  I came home a little over-whelmed today.  Looking forward to my next trip to Cabelas; looking forward to doing a little more Christmas shopping; looking forward to Lucas’ new single, “the Power of Garth” … it’s been a good day!

Back with more soon!

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Those of you who have been reading Country’s Chatter for the past nine years have heard the name Lucas Hoge.  He has been on our radar for quite some time. More recently, our XM radio listeners have been hearing his latest single “Halabamalujah” on Sirius XM’s The Highway. Back...