Allie EPWe first told you about Allie Louise back in March, 2015, when we showed you all her video, “It’s Getting’ Old”. {Article] Today we had an opportunity to listen to her self-titled debut album. We will run the press release for you, but wanted to tell you a little about what we thought of the album first.  The songs you will hear on this new release are “Perfect Storm”, “Stilettos”",” “Diamond Ring,” “It’s Getting Old,”, and Bonus Tracks, “Tell me Now,” and “Something’’ About Nothin’.”

Allie Louise had a hand in writing four of the six songs. And, I believe my favorite ones are the ones with her name on the by-line. “Tell Me Now” is a ballad where the writer seems to be looking for something – something like an explanation to exactly what is going on in a relationship. Her vocals, which are always strong and powerful, have more of soft, tender side when she sings a song like “Tell Me Now”. 

“Somethin’ About Nothin’,” is the last song.  It’s faster than a ballad, but not as fast as “Perfect Storm”. The song has a tempo that falls somewhere between mid-tempo and up-tempo, and it comes along with a great lyric. You will most likely be singing this one after the second time you’ve heard it.

While Allie wasn’t one of the writers on the song, “Diamond Ring,” it is still one of my favorites.  It’s another ballad, and a good one.  It’s a reminder that no matter what you might lose, you still have hope. If you somehow get to this third track, and haven’t yet decided if you like Allie’s music, this one is definitely going to help you make up your mind.

“Perfect Storm” is fast, very much what we are hearing on today’s country radio stations, and the right song for Allie to show off the strength of her vocals. I somehow find our younger readers liking this one, while the older readers are going to lean more toward “Diamond Ring” and “Tell Me Now”. 

There is nothing not to like about this new EP. So, get ready for that Jan. 15 release date. Here is the press release that we received with the new EP.

Allie_thumb[Press Release]  Sixth Beat Production’s flagship artist Allie Louise will celebrate the formal release of her new recording project.  The self-titled EP (ALLIE LOUISE*) highlights her first radio single (“It’s Gettin’ Old”), four self-penned originals and showcases the work of renowned Nashville music producer Eddie Gore (Steve Cropper/Aaron Goodvin/Joanne Janzen/Keb Mo/Jonathan Singleton/ Sara Petite).

Debuting her first national release, 16-year-old singer/songwriter Allie Louise presents an impressive collection of songs gushing with sass, confidence and emotion. ALLIE LOUISE is a marked expression of the Michigan artist’s old soul, youthful spunk and classic style.  The six-song collection spotlights the starlet’s extraordinary artistry and vocal capabilities, and is loaded with spirited confidence. The EP bursts with “girl power” and is laced with poignant lyrics (revealed in tracks such as “Stilettos” and “Diamond Ring”).

“I think each and every song reveals little bits of my personality,” stated Allie Louise. “We put many hours of hard work into my recordings. I enjoyed working and creating with Eddie to deliver an honest vocal with emotion.  I feel I have grown and learned a lot about the art and who I am as a performer.  I’m proud of the finished product and I hope everyone enjoys listening to it as much as I enjoyed recording it.”

“This young lady walked into the studio with a vision for her musical picture and the impression she wanted to make,” introduced Producer Eddie Gore.  "She brought with her a mature sense of melody and a strong and valuable opinion.  Allie has a true love of her craft; she is a talented young woman with a work ethic second to none.”

Allie made early introductions to country radio and its fans in January, 2015 with the debut single entitled “It’s Gettin’ Old,” produced by seven-time Grammy award winning producer John Joszcz, which charted on the Music Row Breakout chart and became a No. 1 hit in the UK (HotDisc).  She followed with her sophomore release (entitled “Perfect Storm”/produced by Eddie Gore) which also charted on the Music Row Chart and is steadily climbing the charts.

Allie Louise has opened for national recording artists Cole Swindell, Frankie Ballard, Austin Webb, Justin Moore and Josh Turner.  She made her first official appearance at country music’s biggest party, CMA Music Festival, in June. In early preparation and celebration of the “most wonderful time of the year,” Allie Louise introduced her first holiday tune — “Hometown Christmas” (co-written with Kris Bergnes and Eddie Gore/produced by Gore) on November 16, 2015.

ALLIE LOUISE will be available via all major digital outlets   (iTunes/Rhapsody/Amazon) on January 15, 2016.  For more on Allie Louise, please visit or follow her on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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We first told you about Allie Louise back in March, 2015, when we showed you all her video, “It’s Getting’ Old”. {Article] Today we had an opportunity to listen to her self-titled debut album. We will run the press release for you, but wanted to tell you a little...