Jeremy McCombWe have done a number of articles about Jeremy McComb. we like his music.  We often wonder why we aren’t hearing it on the radio. I loved his song, “This Town Needs a Bar,” and his EP “Turbulence” (which he released last April), was full of great music.  He’s done it again!  We listened to the album FM, and loved everything we heard.

Our only negative comment about the entire album would be the first song – “Didn’t We”. The song is great, I just can’t understand why they felt the need for a 55 second instrumental lead. the instrumental is great, but I have noticed that radio program directors aren’t too keen on songs that take a long time to ‘get started’.  They seem to be afraid their listeners will change the station before the song really gets going. I hope that doesn’t happen with “Didn’t We”.  I love the song.  but, I would have liked the vocals to start a little earlier.

That is really the only negative.  All of the music is what today’s country music fans are going to feel right at home with. Each songs leaves you anxious for the next one. “Yours in the Morning” is probably my personal favorite. I just always seem to like the slow songs that tell a great story – this is one of those songs. “Keep Me there” is all about listening to Jeremy sing. He has a very calming kind of voice that works with every song he sings.

Jeremy had a part in writing all of the songs, except one. “Knife to a Gunfight” sits in the eighth position on the CD. While this isn’t one that Jeremy helped write, he sings it as if he did. He becomes a part of what he is singing.  “Broken Things” is probably the easiest ‘story’ to relate to. Every one of us has gone through having things broken. And, for many of us – hanging on to the broken things in our lives.

I listened to the album several times trying to figure out which one I think Jeremy should release to country radio.  I ended up having no idea.  I think any one of them is hit-material. “Didn’t We” is great (in spite of the long instrumental intro); “Keep Me there”, “Love Song,” and “Sometimes” are also not only great, but they are memorable, both in melody and lyric. When you hear a song once or twice and want to sing with it, you can just assume others are going to want to also.

Below is your album cover, followed by a track listing, and a press release about Jeremy and this new album.

Track Listing:
1. Didn’t We     (McComb / Huckaby / Glindmeyer)
2. Your Fault  ( McComb / Ashley / Strums)
3. Keep me There   (McComb / Timmer )
4. Running to Kiss You  (McComb / Timmer )
5. Turbulence  (Timmer / McComb )
6. Yours in the Morning  (McComb / Timmer )
7. True Love   (McComb / Singleton)
8. Knife to a Gunfight  (Huckaby / White )
9. Whisper  (McComb / Timmer )
10. Broken Things  (McComb / Timmer )
11. Love Song  (McComb / Timmer )
12. Sometimes  (McComb / Huckaby )


Jeremy McComb is proud to bring fans a new full length release: “FM” – The latest since his successful independent EP, LEAP and the net will appear. McComb recorded the album with Grammy award-winning producer Jamie Tate, at the Rukkus Room studio in Nashville, TN. Tate came on board as a result of his passion for the project and the two instantaneously gelled creatively, making for a great musical fit.

The new music was completely fan-funded, a testament to McComb’s amazing fan base that has been cultivated through years of touring, along with great radio support on single releases. He was one of the very first artists ever to use the online live performance platform, the now popular All of these factors helped build an impressive following of fans and social followers. McComb first decided to try fan funding in 2011 with LEAP and the net will appear.

McComb has overcome many hurdles since his childhood in Post Falls, Idaho, working extremely hard to become the well-established artist he is today. He recently became the proud owner of his own music venue, “NASHVILLE NORTH” located in Stateline, ID – The first honky-tonk he performed in as a teenager which now hosts National acts.  McComb brings his experience as former Tour Manager for famed comedian Larry the Cable Guy and as the music director in radio in Spokane, WA, to give captivating performances, drawing in listeners with fiery passion and talent. 

As a new artist, he signed a major record deal with Warner Music but left that label to follow his own path. He then signed to an independent label, where he enjoyed impressive sales and radio success before the label folded. After several years of getting snarled up and stalled out in record deals, McComb had come to a crossroads in his career and almost threw in the towel, when he realized that he had complete control over his own music. Early in Jeremy’s career a hit songwriter offered his advice on music city that rang true:  “This town either makes you bitter or better”.

Out of this realization FM was born.  McComb’s latest offering spotlights the quirky and intelligent entertainer’s best work to date.  “FM” features self-penned & co-written songs such as “Love Song” and “Your Fault” which (along with other cuts from the songsmith’s new release) have garnered him more than ONE MILLION streams online. 

In addition to Jeremy’s web site, visit his Facebook page, and remember to “Like” it while you are there. Have a look at some of the videos he has posted on YouTube, and be sure to follow him on Twitter @Jeremymccomb.  If you aren’t already following Country’s Chatter on Twitter, we’d love to have you. You will find us @countryschatter.

Still catching up from the holidays, but we will be back with more soon!

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We have done a number of articles about Jeremy McComb. we like his music.  We often wonder why we aren’t hearing it on the radio. I loved his song, “This Town Needs a Bar,” and his EP “Turbulence” (which he released last April), was full of great music.  He’s...