We first told you all about Sam Riggs back in September, 2015. Sam was new to us, and we really liked his album, “Out Run the Sun”. We included his video for “Hold On and Let Go” in that article.  If you missed it, I hope you will click here to read it.  That article was more than a review. It was our introduction of Sam Riggs to our Country’s Chatter readers. We recently received a press release about Sam, and are very happy to pass this on to all of you.  Sam’s new album, “Breathless” debuted at No. 3 on iTunes Country Chart.  That No. 3 position is even more awesome when you look at the artists in the No. 1 and No. 2 spots – Chris Stapleton and Sam Hunt!  Third isn’t a bad place to be when you have artists like Stapleton and Hunt directly in front of you. Very impressive for this young man from Texas, who is just finding his place in this sometime over-crowded world of country music.

I listened to a few of the songs on the Breathless album. And, it won’t be long until I listen to all of them.  Sam is very easy to listen to.   “One More Chance to Stay”, “To Save Something You Love” and “The Lucky Ones” are a few of my favorites on this 11-track CD.  The other eight songs you will enjoy on the “Breathless” album are: Gravity, The Heartbreak Girl, Wake the Dead, Breathless, Second  Hand Smoke, Burn Me Down, High on a Country Song, One More Chance, and the acoustic version of Second Hand Smoke. The album is available on iTunes.

Here is the press release, with some very nice comments about Sam’s work from a few of our other online (and print) publications.

Austin-based artist, Sam Riggs, released his much anticipated sophomore album “Breathless” today and has scored an immediate #3 debut on the iTunes Country Music Chart following right behind Chris Stapleton and Sam Hunt. The album also debuted at #22 across all genres in the nation.  “Breathless” is the first album to be released on Riggs’ own label (Deep Creek Records) with marketing and distribution through Thirty Tigers/Sony RED.

Apple Music Country also posted about the new album today saying, “We’re eager to spend some time with this new music from Floridian-turned-Texan Sam Riggs. We love the first single ‘The Lucky Ones.’”

Sam will spend his big release night in front of his fans at the legendary Floore’s Country Store in Helotes, Texas.  Showtime is 9:00 PM.

“The extremely listenable end project (Breathless) seems the perfect vehicle to slingshot the young artist to mainstream success.” -Country Weekly

Sam-Riggs-2“In the crowded field of independent Texan talents seeking to write, perform, and sell their own distinct takes on modern country music, occasionally a voice jumps above the fray. Sam Riggs has been on that kind of trajectory lately, finding the sweet spot between the crowd-pleasing sound of modern country music and the sort of detail-oriented, personality-driven songwriting that makes his best songs among the more memorable ones to dominate Texas radio in recent years.”  -Lone Star Music Magazine

“The album’s opener and lead single (in Texas) “The Lucky Ones” feels ready to compete with anything being released via major labels in Nashville as Riggs showcases his strong vocal, a vocal which often draws comparisons to Lonestar’s Richie McDonald. Sam’s voice is a pliable instrument which has a natural pocket where he often shines. If any artist in Texas is ready for mainstream country success whose still not “known” nationally, it’s Sam Riggs as ‘Breathless’ proves.” –

“Sam Riggs steps towards national success with ‘Breathless.'”
-Wide Open Country

In addition to Sam’s web site, visit his Facebook page (and remember to “Like” it while you are there). Head on over to YouTube, too, where you will find a lot of great videos, including the Official Lyric Video for that great song, “The Lucky Ones”. Follow him on Twitter @SamRiggsMusic.  If you aren’t already following Country’s Chatter on Twitter, we’d love to have you.  You will find us @countryschatter.

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We first told you all about Sam Riggs back in September, 2015. Sam was new to us, and we really liked his album, “Out Run the Sun”. We included his video for “Hold On and Let Go” in that article.  If you missed it, I hope you will click...