Jared CDJared Deck released his debut album on RED Distribution, back in May.  I just listened to it.  From one song to the next, you get to discover and rediscover the many sounds of this Oklahoma native. I would get to a song and think ‘there’s my favorite’, then get to the next one and change my mind.  There were a few songs on this album that were a little too much ‘rock’ for me. But most of our Country’s Chatter readers know that I’m really a traditional country music fan.  There were even a few songs that put me in mind of the folk music of Dylan back in the 60s and 70s.  Somewhere between the first song and the last, there is something that everyone is going to love.

The album released in May on Sony RED Distribution. The single “The American Dream” won the Woodie Guthrie Songwriting Competition.  Rolling Stone Country, TheBoot.com, The Alternate Root Magazine and Elmore Magazine premiered his music video “17 Miles,” and the album debuted at #40 on the Americana music chart.  Jared also just performed at Music City Roots here in Nashville recently, which is a most difficult show to secure.  Once in a while an artist comes along that really tips the scales and you wonder how you have never heard about him before.  This is Jared Deck.  Prolific songwriting, rootsy/soul-based ambiance, spectacular melodies.

And, people are loving it.  Here are a few of quotes from a few well-known folks and publications who seemed to like what they heard, too.

Rolling Stone Country deemed Jared as one of the “10 New Country Artists You Need To Know” and said, “Oklahoma native Jared Deck makes the list with a sound that evokes John Mellencamp and the more rocking side of Hayes Carll.”

Deck sings about the heartland with the power of someone who has seen both its peril and promise, and not just imagined an idealized, cinematic scape that exists in only Brooklyn studios or Hollywood treatments.Rolling Stone

“You get the sense [Deck] could be, with a little luck and some more songwriting under his belt, in a league with last year’s breakout Americana artist Chris Stapleton.” – American Songwriter

“Heartfelt, soulful.” – PopMatters

The life of a man, a troubadour – with hurt, struggle and ultimately strength – is delivered on Deck’s debut, a stellar offering of heartland rock heavy on intimacy, truth and heart.” – The Daily Country

“That was the best harmony singing I’ve ever heard, Jared. Come over and give me a smooch!”Wanda Jackson

“Deck’s music is full of hope, though. And so is his career.” – Elmore Magazine

Track List:
17 Miles
Wrong Side of the Night
the American Dream
Sweet Breath
Hope KS
Wait for You
Hell on Wheels
Unusually Blessed
Song You Can Use

The firs song, is “17 Miles”. This is one that first sounded like it was going to be more rock than I can handle. I’m not sure this one is what I would call “just right for country radio”, but, I have no doubt a lot of our younger listeners are going to love it.  “Grace” was one of my favorites, Slower, with lines like “I believe in a lot of things, but I can’t believe in it all”. This one sounded more country to me. The third song, “Wrong Side of Night” is one of the ones that reminded me of the 1960’s folk music.  I think they called us ‘hippies’ back then – this was beyond the beatnik stage of my life… but I remember sitting in a circle with a guitar and my long-haired friends making this kind of music.

“The American Dream” is another one that sounded a bit like Dylan to me. Almost like a protest song from way back then.  But, Jared has a way telling a story we can probably all relate to. “Some days are for fighting, some days are for peace, sometimes we gotta roll up our sleeves we gotta rage against machines; Freedom in our religion, freedom down on our knees, freedom down in the soul of a man, it’s a God-given disease…..It’s the American Dream …. Two kids and a mortgage…. send a kid off to college… send another to war… what the hell is this all for….Pay our bills and pay our dues to the red, white and blue. “

One of my very favorite songs was “Fight”.  By the time you get to this one, you already know that Jared knows how to tell a story.  And, you are paying attention.  He has a soulful sound, with powerful vocals, and great harmonies. I’m going to jump down to the 10th track here – “Unusually Blessed” is one that you can’t not like if you try.  With lyrics like “In the hills of Oklahoma…. I was raised a rolling stone, from the day I lost my mother till they put me in the ground, I’m just a man who never stuck around…. You were born in late November, your mom and me were proud, I held you till September till the oil field left town, From the day I left your mother till they bury me in dirt, I’m just a man who is sorry for the hurt”.  That’s just the beginning.  It continues to get even better as Jared tells his story… ending with “I’m just a man unusually blessed”.  Those are some awesome lyrics.

The last one, “Song You Can Use” is also one of my favorites.  It’s slow.  It’s sung with a lot of soul, and a lot of passion, and it sounds like he means what he is singing. “They said follow your heart, they said follow your dreams, what if my dreams ain’t what you want it to be. give it your all, just be yourself, what if myself ain’t who you want me to be…..” Now, I am done quoting lyrics, and you guys have to get this album.

In addition to his website, visit his Facebook page (and remember to “Like” it while you are there).Have a look at everything he has posted to share on Instagram. You can make the album yours on Amazon or iTunes. You can follow him on Twitter @jareddeckmusic. If you aren’t already following Country’s Chatter on Twitter, we’d love to have you. You will find us @countryschatter.

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Jared Deck released his debut album on RED Distribution, back in May.  I just listened to it.  From one song to the next, you get to discover and rediscover the many sounds of this Oklahoma native. I would get to a song and think ‘there’s my favorite’, then get...