Mike Smith CDBack in April we shared a singer/songwriter, single and video with all of you. [That article can be found by clicking here], The singer/songwriter is Mike Smith. The song and video were “Little Bit of Us”.  I liked the song – I still do.  Today, I had the opportunity to listen to a full Mike Smith album called “Always You and Me”.  I listened to it, and definitely wanted to tell all of you about it.  I was very  happy to see that “Little Bit of Us” is on the new record.  I listened to all 10 of the songs, and I think that one will continue to be my favorite from this new CD.

ALWAYS YOU AND ME (EMS Records) will be available via all major digital outlets (iTunes/Spotify/Amazon) on August 12, 2016.

The second song on the CD is Mike’s new single.  It’s called “Green Eyed Girl”.  This is definitely not the soulful “Green Eyed Girl” that was done by Ted Hawkins, or anything close to “Green Eyed Lady”, sung by the 1970s psychedelic rock band Sugarloaf.  So, while this song title might have a bit of familiarity to it, the song does not.  Mike Smith has his own style, and it would be very difficult to compare him to anyone else, or find names to go in a “sounds like” category in a bio.

The press release that came along with the review copy of the CD, says Mike is a “Singer Songwriter, Instrumentalist & Music Entertainment Entrepreneur” and that the new record  “Highlights Multi-Genre Appeal.”  That is a definite. I want to share the track list with all of you, and then tell you a little about some of the songs you will hear on this new record.


Track List:
Little Bit of Us
Green Eyed Girl
Why Does Wrong Always Feel so Right?
I am What I Am
You’re My Kind of Beautiful
Life Gets in the Way
Sweet Lady Be
All Your Love
Keep It All to Myself
Always You And Me

“Why Does Wrong Feel So Right?” shows us a bit of Mike’s philosophical side. With lyrics like “Don’t make plans, they just get in the way; I’m living my life not hurting anyone, What you call bad, I call having a little fun,” I think if I had to pick a second favorite on this record, that would be it.  It is the one song that I found myself wanting to sing along with. It made me smile.  I wanted to tap my feet. (Actually, I wanted to get up an dance).

When I read the title to “You’re My Kind of Beautiful,” I was expecting a slow, love story kind of song.  You know the type – they scream “just hold on and dance with me.”  this one didn’t. It has more of a Latin rhythm, and I could picture people on Dancing With The Stars rocking out to it.  but, I discovered that about Mike very quickly.  He is as unpredictable as he is versatile.

He did slow things down a little with the next song, “Life Gets in the Way”. I can identify with this one – I bet a lot of us can.  It talks about kids growing up, dreams being pushed away, it’s okay, we’re making our way; taking on the world…life gets in the way”.   After 47 years of marriage, two children, four grandchildren, a 50 year career…. I definitely understand those lyrics! I like the song. Mike took a little bit of my life, and the lives of many others I would guess, and he put them into a great song with some awesome piano, petal steel and electric guitar solo.

If you like a little soul mixed in with your country, “Keep It All to Myself” was written for you.  Mike Smith could be a whole bunch of different people!  He is so talented, and can sing any kind of song, any style of music, and obviously he can also write all styles, too.  None of the songs in this album sound like any of the others.  they all have their own unique quality… they are all likeable, and all memorable.

Did you ever have a hard time sitting around, trying to find someone to fall in love with. If you have gone through that period of time in your life, here’s your song. “All Your Love” is a ballad.  I think this one, like “Life Gets in the way,” told more of a story than the others.  It made me want to pay attention to the lyrics.

Mike Smith 2764I do want to include a few paragraphs from the press release… this tells you more about Mike in just two paragraphs than I could write in the entire article:

“I play on every song on the album —some guitar, some bass, some piano. But, what I truly enjoyed about the recording process was stepping back to watch the amazing musicians do incredible things with the songs that I wrote,” said Mike Smith. “I think recording my songs at Gilby Clarke’s house is the biggest ‘WOW’ moment of my career; Gilby, Dan Dugmore, Tom Bucovic, Steve Forrest, Erik Blue, Nioshi Jackson and all the others made magic in the studio to bring this project to life.”

Smith, who has lent his hand to pen numerous songs for notable recording artists, enters the country music sector as a “coming home.”  His music translation infuses a well-rounded mix of “greats”—a meld of Glen Campbell, Kenny Rogers,  Willie Nelson, Cat Stevens, Jim Croce and Jimi Hendrix. 

In our article back in April, I told you Mike Smith is not ‘old-school country music’.  I repeat that now. But the best thing is that he is not today’s ‘country/rock’, ‘country/pop’ or ‘country/rap’ either. While his writing and performances may have been influenced by artists like Glen Campbell, Kenny Rogers and Willie Nelson, the music he is giving us is all Mike Smith.

In addition to his website, visit his Facebook page (and remember to “Like” it while you are there). You can follow him on Twitter @MikeSmithinc. If you aren’t already following Country’s Chatter on Twitter, we’d love to have you.  You will find us @countryschatter.

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Back in April we shared a singer/songwriter, single and video with all of you. , The singer/songwriter is Mike Smith. The song and video were “Little Bit of Us”.  I liked the song – I still do.  Today, I had the opportunity to listen to a full Mike Smith...