Kiefer SutherlandFrom the first track, clear through to the 11th, “Down In a Hole” is obviously an album Kiefer Sutherland wants people to listen to  It is the kind of music that will keep you relaxed, entertained, happy and sad, all over a period of 1 hour 6 minutes and one second. I would like to think we are eventually going to hear some of Kiefer’s music on country radio, but when you consider the fact that the songs are all an average length of six minutes each, that isn’t likely to happen.

With 11 songs, most the same tempo, most telling the same story, most with some decent guitar and percussion, you might expect the album to get a little boring before you finish listening first time through – it doesn’t. And, while I’m fairly certain we won’t be hearing this music on Top 40 Country Radio stations, it is certainly collection that belongs in every country music fan’s home.

Kiefer’s music isn’t likely to be imitated either  That in part because of his gritty vocals enhanced by that raspy tone of his voice. You have to get to the fifth track ,”Going Home,” before you find one that jumps the tempo up a little.  And, by then you realize most of the lyrics have a bit of a familiar sound to them.  The stories aren’t all that different from one song to the next.  But, with Kiefer doing the singing, that’s not a problem. Each song somehow manages to keep a uniqueness about it.

I do think “Not Enough Whiskey” will always be one of my favorite Kiefer songs. Maybe because that was the first one I heard, and I was surprised when I heard it. Very similar to that one is “Calling Out Your Name”.  Pretty much the same melody, pretty much the same story, and definitely the same Kiefer vocals. “My Best Friend” was about saying good-bye to your past, and starting over.  I think that kind of story is easy for a lot of people to identify with.  It’s the one that will make a lot of folks say, ‘I’ve been there’.

The song, “Shirley Jean” probably is the fastest, and even that isn’t a real toe-tapper. It was probably my least favorite on the album, too.  The melody was far more repetitious than I like, and hard for me to really enjoy. “She Wrote” is one that you will listen to, in part because he starts with the lyrics, ‘let me tell you a story’.  And, when someone wants to tell me a story, I’m usually ready to listen. This one is also slow, and seems to repeat lyrics more than it needs to.

There is some good guitar at the beginning of “Down in a Whole,” which is the only song on the album that I’d like to put in a ‘country/rock’ genre.  It’s the title track, but I am not a big fan of this one.  It’s the one song on the album that I would really like everyone else to listen to, and tell me what they think.

He wraps things up with “Gonna Die”.  Same slow melody, same kind of lyrics.  But, even with the small touch of negativity in this review, I think country music fans are going to find more than enough to like about this album. Fans of other genre’ will probably not like it at all.  However, I don’t believe fans of other genre’ were Kiefer’s targeted audience.

I do need to share the press release with all of you that came with this album.  It is set to release on Aug. 19.

[Press releaseKiefer Sutherland‘s soulful baritone vocals and guitar licks continue to captivate audiences with his second music video, “Can’t Stay Away,” premiering exclusively this weekend during CMT’s Hot 20 Countdown. The track is the latest release from Sutherland’s debut album Down In A Hole, which will be released August 19 by Warner Music Nashville/Ironworks Music. Down In A Hole will be available for pre-order August 5.  Click here to download “Can’t Stay Away.”

Sutherland, who co-wrote every song on the upcoming 11-track album with producer Jude Cole, including “Can’t Stay Away,” just wrapped up a North American tour that included sold-out dates across the U.S. and Canada.

“We wanted the biggest look for the premiere of Kiefer Sutherland’s new song and video!” said Leslie Fram, CMT Senior VP of Music Strategy.

“CMT’s Hot 20 Countdown has a weekly large, loyal base of country music fans who want to see what’s hot and new. “Can’t Stay Away” captures the live, intimate, real and raw essence of what Kiefer has been doing on the road, playing small towns and small clubs. Undeniable!’ Fram added.

CMT’s Hot 20 Countdown airs Saturdays and Sundays at 9a/8c. ###



Can’t Stay Away
Truth In Your eyes
I’ll Do Anything
Not Enough whiskey
going Home
Calling Out Your name
My Best Friend
Shirley Jean
All She Wrote
Down In A Hole
Gonna Die

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From the first track, clear through to the 11th, “Down In a Hole” is obviously an album Kiefer Sutherland wants people to listen to  It is the kind of music that will keep you relaxed, entertained, happy and sad, all over a period of 1 hour 6 minutes and...