Back on Sept. 14, 2015, we had our first look at a Brothers Osborne show. That was at the Washington County Fair in Abingdon, Va.  We shared an article with all of you about that show, and if you missed it, or would like to read it again, you can do that by clicking here. In that article, near the end of the first paragraph, we wrote: “If their goal for the night was to put on one of the best shows southwest Virginia ‘fair-goers’ have seen in a very long time…Goal accomplished!”. We could use the same line tonight, talking about our Northeast Tennessee fair, and the show John, T.J. and their band put on this evening.

The entire show this year was as much fun as the last one.  But, it seemed a little more ‘rock’ to me this time.  That might be because the night before, we had Travis Tritt on that stage. As you  might expect, Travis gave the crowd the previous night a traditional country show.  And, while no one can deny that John Osborne is one of the best guitar players out there, before this show was over, I was beginning to feel a little like I was at a rock concert. That isn’t a bad thing.  Because whatever these guys were doing on that stage, they had an audience that loved it!

IMG_6314Like always at this great fair, the show was sponsored in part by WXBQ 96.9 FM.  Pictured above with TJ and John, is afternoon on-air personality Marc Tragler.  Mark did a brief on-air interview with the guys before the show. The co-sponsor for this great concert was Rocky top Vapor.  These concerts wouldn’t be possible without not only our Appalachian Fair board and staff, but also WXBQ, and the fine sponsors who come out to support the entertainment every night

The show was great – they started off with “Green Pastures, followed that with “Sippin,” and, then they hit us with “Rum”.  It only took about 3 chords until the audience was on their feet and singing along.  When we got “21 Summer” right after “Rum” there was no doubt we were at a Brothers Osborne show.  What would a country concert be without a touch of retro, that came in the form of Hank Sr.’s “Hey, Good Lookin’.”  Willie’s, “Whiskey River,” and following that was the perfect place for “Weed, Whiskey and Willie”.

IMG_7424At this point, most of us were ready to sit down and listen, and they gave us that opportunity with “Heart Shaped Locket,” from their Pawn Shop album.  I’m still shaking my head wondering why, at this point in the show (or anywhere in the show), they chose to toss in “Good-bye Earl”.  You remember that Dixie Chicks song about killing an abusive husband and then having law enforcement look the other way. Definitely not one of my favorite songs.  And, it isn’t a song you would think anyone could make ‘fun,’ but Brothers Osborn kind of did.

We got the’ Brothers Osborne do ZZ Top’, with their great cover of LA Grange. There were a lot of songs that gave John the opportunity to show us why we are not wrong in putting his guitar playing expertise at the top of our ‘this is how we rate you’ list. “Stay” and “Ain’t My Fault” closed out the show, and no one left feeling that they were short-changed with this performance!

IMG_7430My only complaint (not complaint, problem really) about tonight’s show comes as a photographer (and, I’m not a very good one).  I didn’t get great pictures.  I tried, but the lighting was horrible. the stage was dark, and we didn’t even have a spotlight on these guys while they were up there. It made shooting pictures extremely difficult, but we’ll try a little bit of editing and hope for the best, but I’m afraid that this is going to be one of those, “Sorry, this is what you get” articles.  I have to both thank, and apologize to the drummer though.  He was kind enough to share the names of the band members with me after the show, so we could include them in this article  And, he even stuck around for a minute while I could take a picture of him – which was so blurry I can’t use it.  (I’m sure I am the one who moved, not him).

But, since we have their names, let me introduce you to the incredible band that makes up Brothers Osborne.  We will start with our brothers, John, vocal/lead guitar; TJ Osborne, vocal/guitar; Pete Sternberg, bass; Jason Graumlich, utility; and Adam Box, drums. You won’t find a harder working, more talented group of musicians anywhere.  And, while I’m still not sure that country is the right genre’ for all of then, they left no doubt that they all belong in music!


I’ll close out with a few more photos from the night.  Along with another apology – the pictures just didn’t do as well as I would have liked. but, here you go!

IMG_7415 IMG_7419

IMG_6334 IMG_7441 IMG_7449

IMG_7466 IMG_7481

IMG_7477 IMG_7468

IMG_7401 IMG_7383

IMG_7439 IMG_7474 IMG_7437

IMG_7433 IMG_7418

In addition to their web site, take a minute and check out their Facebook page, and please remember to “Like” it while you are there. They have a lot of great pictures on Instagram, and videos you can sit back and enjoy on YouTube. You can also follow them on Twitter @brothersosborne. If you aren’t already following Country’s Chatter on Twitter, we’d love to have you. You will find us @countryschatter.

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Back on Sept. 14, 2015, we had our first look at a Brothers Osborne show. That was at the Washington County Fair in Abingdon, Va.  We shared an article with all of you about that show, and if you missed it, or would like to read it again, you...