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This article is long overdue.  Every now and then, something here at Country’s Chatter gets pushed to that proverbial ‘back burner’, and we really don’t know why. I suppose life gets in the way – and during what we call ‘fair season’ in this part of the country is definitely what got in the way these past few months. That ‘back burner thing’ happened with this introduction to Ducky Medlock and his music.

I’ve known about Ducky for quite some time.  Like many of his fans, I first got to know him as guitar player in Bucky Covington’s band.  He’s been with Bucky 10 years. I have been to a lot of Bucky’s shows.  Therefore, I’ve seen Ducky on stage.  I heard him play guitar.  I’ve heard his backup vocals.  But, I never really HEARD him.  And I never heard his music at all.  Until recently.

I don’t now exactly what took me to Ducky’s website. When I go there, I immediately went to the section marked “Music”.  I listened.  I was captivated.  I was so pleasantly surprised with what I was hearing.  I listened over and over to the EP, “Lamppost.”  The EP has been out since April – he is working on a new one now.  When you hear this one, you will be anxious for the next one!

Ducky EPThe title track, “Lamppost,” is not my favorite song on this 6-track EP. I guess the most ‘negatives’ you will hear from me will come about this one.  I’m a traditional (classic) country music fan.  I’ve been listening to country music for more than 60 years.  While this song is very much ‘today’s country’, and would fit in perfectly with what our top 40 Country Stations are playing every day, it had a little more of a rock sound than I like.  At the same time, I think it was one that gave Ducky the best opportunity to demonstrate the strength of his vocals.  And, it’s a good start – how can you argue with lyrics like ‘’”Down by the lamppost we both fell in love underneath the stars,  you gave me that look, and I gave you a kiss then you promised me your heart…”

The second song, “Wiseman” is absolutely one of my favorite songs from Ducky—but not my very favorite. We’ll get to that. That might be because “Wiseman” was a nice ‘slow down’ after the Lamppost song.  Maybe because it was the kind of song that made you listen to the lyrics from the opening line.  It’s not slow enough to be ballad, but it’s not really fast enough to be anything else.  It’s a beautiful story – “Did you ever love somebody so bad, all you did was try. Never ask for nothing in return, never ask why….” With opening lyrics like that, I know you want to listen to the rest, too.

So far, I’ve been toying around with ‘which of these is my favorite song’.  I think we just got to it. The third song, “Too Late,” was written by Dale Oliver and Bucky Covington. Ducky had a hand in writing the other five, but the credit on this one goes to Dale and Bucky.  This one is a slow, love story … but, like so many love songs, it keeps you wondering if he’s realized too late that he may have lost that person he loved, because he wasn’t home when he should have been, he worked all the time, she needed him. I can not find one thing not to like about “Too Late”.  I want to hear this one on the radio.

Ducky 30694Now, we come to “Pendulum”.  As far as ‘a good story makes a great country song’ goes – this one would have to be considered a great country song! And, it is one that I had to listen to more than a few times before I even liked it a little bit. It’s one of those darker songs. The song talks about a hard life for mom, a factory closing down, a dying town, and the kids getting out of town to make something of their lives.  This is a story put to music. Not my favorite song in the group – but definitely good country music, with more of a classic/traditional country feel than a lot of today’s country/pop stuff.

“Someone’s Hearts Breaking” is the fifth song.  When I first heard it I thought – American Bandstand, we could cha-cha to this. One-two-three, one-two three…. it’s that tempo, and even with a title talking about someone’s breaking heart, it’s a kind of fun song.  I think the melody has more to do with it being fun than the lyrics though. This is one of those “I’m not with you, but I’ll be with you for now” stories… you know where I’m going with that.  But, listen to the song.  I like the vocals in this one.  Ducky definitely has his own sound, his own voice, and vocals you are going to recognize when you hear a new song from him.  His voice is uniquely his!

The last one has a real problem for me … the problem is that it’s the last one!  By the time I got to this sixth song, I was ready for six more, and hated that there was nothing after it! But, we’ve all heard the expression ‘all good things must come to an end’… it’s true.  This album, however, came to an end all too soon. The named this one right, “Favorite Song” is going to quickly become  a favorite song to a lot of people who hear it. There is a little battle going on in my brain between this one and “Too Late”.  I think, as different as they are, it would be okay to claim both of them as my favorite song.)  How can you now love a song that mentions Conway Twitty, Home Sweet Home, Blue Suede Shoes, Tom Petty, Running Down A Dream, Stevie Nicks, and Papa was a Rolling Stone…. this was just a great idea for a great song.  Loving “Favorite Song”.

The album, “Lamppost” was co-produced by Dale Oliver and Bucky Covington, and if you like country music, you are going to love this.  I’m not sure how Ducky did it, but he made this music in such a way that the traditional country fans (like me), and the younger, newer country music fans are all going to like it!

Ducky 582There are a lot of ways you can keep up with Ducky on social media. In addition to his website, visit his Facebook page, and remember to “Like” it while you are there. Check out his YouTube page, too. There are some other social media links listed on his website, too.  Follow him on Twitter @ducky_medlock.  If you aren’t already following Country’s Chatter on Twitter, we’d love to have you. You will find us @countryschatter.

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This article is long overdue.  Every now and then, something here at Country’s Chatter gets pushed to that proverbial ‘back burner’, and we really don’t know why. I suppose life gets in the way – and during what we call ‘fair season’ in this part of the country is...