IMG_6705On April 13, 2010, I met a guy. Hard to believe that was more than six and a half years ago. His name was William Michael Morgan. He was 17. He had a MySpace page. I think most of us remember what that was. This young man found me somehow.  He told me he sang country music. He wanted me to listen. I did. And, I listened again. And, then I listened again. In the article back in 2010, I wrote: “Let’s all keep our eye on this guy. He’s young, but he’s good. And, I can only expect he will continue to get even better”. I believe I was right.

Country’s Chatter was a hobby for me back then. It was growing in readership every day, and continues to do so. I started the site early in 2008 (February), and was sharing news about country stars and the artists we always refer to as “up and coming” artists; the future stars, the stars of tomorrow. I remember sitting in my office mesmerized as I listened to this kid sing. No way, I thought, was this classic country music was coming from a teenager! But, it was. And it still is! I wrote about him. I titled the article “Always Country…William Michael Morgan.” [Article here]. If you go back and read that six year old article, keep in mind that the links there no longer work. The MySpace page is gone, and the website has changed. How fortunate for us nothing else about this young man has changed. That was the first article, there have been many since.  there will no doubt be many more.

Tonight, I finally had the opportunity to see William Michael Morgan on stage, at our Washington County Fair in Abingdon, Va.  I’m going to tell you about the show. I need a title for the article. I am considering calling this post “Always Country…William Michael Morgan”. Oh , wait – I can’t – I already did that. Isn’t if wonderful that some great things never change. In fact, if there is any change at all with this guy, it would be that he went from awesome to awesomer (okay, I made that word up–but, it’s true).

DSC_0169I thought I knew what to expect when this Warner Music Nashville recording artist stepped out on stage. But, as much as I enjoy his music, I really wasn’t prepared for the show he gave his audience. He’s played the Opry. He’s played shows all over the country. And, all of that has taken him from his home in Mississippi to where he is today. Or perhaps we should say, ‘to who he is today’. He seems too young to be displaying so many years of experience out on that stage. With the stage presence of any seasoned entertainer, so much personality and a beautiful smile-there was nothing not to love about this performance.

Now throw in some great music, fantastic vocals, real country songs, and, a group of immensely talented musicians to work with, and we’ve got ourselves a show! Making up that band are: Logan Wilkerson, guitar; Troy Klontz, steel guitar, Dave Dykstra, drums, and Dave Wilson, bass. I watched them work, they enjoy what they are doing.  It was obvious they were having a good time on stage.  It’s always more fun when you have a group of musicians who not only know how to work together, but obviously have a great time doing it.

These days country artist doesn’t always mean country music.  It does, however, when you put William Michael Morgan on stage.  We got some wonderful covers of Waylon Jennings, with “Lukenbach Texas”, and a little Johnny Cash with “Folsom Prison Blues”.  And, I’m sure  the night wouldn’t have been complete without Merle and “Working Man Blues”. After more than 75 minutes on stage, he closed out the show with a Kevin Fowler tune, “I Pulled A Hank Last Night’. As far as the audience was concerned, he didn’t have to stop there.  I’m sure as long as he could have sang, we could have listened.  Fortunately he made it through his entire show, but you could tell he was struggling a little.  He told us all he had a summer cold – anyone who has ever had one knows they are not fun, and they are difficult to get rid of.  While he was on medication for the cold, it was obvious he wasn’t going to let it  slow him down.  Unfortunately, that illness did change his plans for after the show.  He was to have come out to the merch table to sign autographs, but decided it was best he didn’t do that.  A disappointment to fans, I’m sure, but a decision he felt was best. Still, we got a great show from a great performer!

WMM ArtHis debut EP is available on itunes. His new album will be available on Sept. 30. It is called “Vinyl” You can pre order the new one on iTunes as well. Since he has already shared that cover art with fans, we wanted you to let you have a look at it, too.  He gave us a nice sampling of the songs we’ll find on the new album, too – We heard “Missing”, “Cheap Cologne,” “Beer Drinker,” “Back Seat Driver,” “People Like Me,” and my favorite new William Michael Morgan song, “Vinyl”. I’m putting my vote in for this one to be the next single. This is a great song.

Our readers have often heard is talk about the dude at the merch table. Sometimes we get a pleasant merch guy. Sometimes we get one who is probably a good guy, but might have been having a bad day. Sometimes someone who is just not nice. When we get one like Matthew Keusey, we want to tell you about him. He was very nice, didn’t mind talking to us as he lined up merch, folded tee shirts and waited on customers. He was the joy to be around while we waited for our headliner to come out for the meet and greet, and then  take his place on center stage. Thanks, Matthew! You make everyone’s shopping trip fun!

In addition to William’s website, I hope you will all visit his Facebook page, and remember to “Like” It while you are there. He has other social media sites listed on his website, and you will want to take a little time to explore those as well. Follow him on Twitter @wmmorgan. If you aren’t already following Country’s Chatter, we’d love to have you. You will find us @countryschatter.

IMG_6704We are going to close this out with a few more pictures from tonight’s show.  William Michael Morgan was a little under the weather, working with a summer cold tonight, and he still did a great job!  I was working with a sick Nikon and a half-sick Canon, and really didn’t get the pictures I was hoping for – but fortunately, I got enough to share with all of you. Will definitely include some of this great band, toss one in there of our famous WXBQ Rabbit, and his human companion for the evening, mid-morning on-air personality, Reggie Neel. Can’t end without a huge thank you to the folks at the Washington County Fair in Abingdon, Va., for always bring such great entertainment to the area.









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On April 13, 2010, I met a guy. Hard to believe that was more than six and a half years ago. His name was William Michael Morgan. He was 17. He had a MySpace page. I think most of us remember what that was. This young man found me...