Some things are just destine to be, When you talk to Shannon Haley and Ryan Michaels, it becomes evident rather quickly that the duo Haley & Michaels is one of those things. The two grew up close to each other in Northern California.  But they never met until they moved to Nashville.  That meeting has since produced some great music, and a love story for this singer/songwriter duo who were married a few years ago. We first had saw them on stage in February 2013 [Article Here} at 12th and Porter In  Nashville  It only took one show, and we were huge fans!

HM1With singles like “Giving It All To You”, “Just Another Love Song,” ”500 Miles,” “Drinking About You,”  and “The Price I Pay,” appearances on NBC’s Today Show and shows all across the country, Haley & Michaels are proving every day that they are finding their place in the world of country music. Not only have they crossed the country headlining their own shows, but they have also been out there opening for artists like San Hunt, Brett Eldredge, Chris Young and Old Dominion.  Haley & Michaels were recently tagged for the cover photo on Spotify’s New Boots, where Spotify highlights a host of new artists in country music.

Country’s Chatter had an opportunity to sit down and talk to Ryan Michaels and Shannon Haley recently, and now have that interview to share with all of you.

CC:  Do you think growing up on the west coast influenced your songwriting in anyway?
Shannon told us that she always tries to approach writing in the same way, and for her it hasn’t’ been different.  “We find that it doesn’t really matter where you write the songs. The main thing is giving each song what it needs and the cool thing about writing in different places with a variety of co-writers is the opportunity to pull in all different kinds of musical influences,” Shannon said.

CC:  How did Ritchie McDonald (from Lonestar) get involved in writing “Just Another Love Song”?
When we moved to Nashville, I had an opportunity to write with Ritchie,” Ryan said.  “About 10 years after that, Haley and I posted our song on Facebook, and Ritchie sent a message that he had become a fan, and was open to writing with us,” Ryan continued. “We both had a chance to write with him, and it came together from there,” Ryan told us.

CC: Are there any artists you would like to open for?
Ryan and Shannon are both huge fans of both Garth Brooks and Little Big Town, and said they would like to open for them.

Today ShowCC:  What is the most fun song for you to perform?
Both of them said it was “Giving It All To You”. “That song is very special to us,” Shannon said. “Not only did we play it at our wedding and on NBC’s Today Show, we also debuted it at the Grand Ole Opry,” Shannon said.  “It’s fun, too, because we can tell if there are couples in the audience and if they used it at their wedding, so that’s really fun,” she told us. “The Price I Pay, the first song we wrote together is also fun for us to perform.  It is our new single, and is on Spotify and YouTube,” Shannon said.  “The way we wrote that song is really what started the duo.  It became the template of how we arrange our vocals,” Ryan said.  

CC:  We have a friend in London who wants to know if you have ever performed there.  He also wanted us to ask if you have any idea how big country music is in England right now.
”We never have performed in England, it is on our dream list,” Shannon told us.  “We’ve made it a goal,” she said.  “We are aware of how much country music has taken off over there,” she added.  They are both looking forward to going to England to do some shows when they can.

CC:  Do you remember the first time you sang in front of any audience?
”The first time we ever sang together, Shannon and I played in our home town in the San Francisco area” Ryan said.  “She opened the show, and we were headlined as Shannon Haley and Ryan Michaels,” Ryan told us.  “Since it was near home, a lot of people who really mattered to us came out to the show.  They encouraged us,” Shannon said.  It was after that we came up with the name Haley & Michaels.

CC:  Is there anything going on right now that you can share with your fans?
”We have a lot of things in the works, but we can’t talk about them right now,” Shannon said.  “As soon as we can, we will let everyone know,” Ryan added.

July-4-2015-1261CC:  Do you have a favorite city to perform in?
We think they were joking when they first answered this question by saying, “Johnson City, Tennessee”  But, we liked that answer.  Johnson City is in Northeast Tennessee, where we are located.  We were honored to have these two headline our July 4th Pepsi Independence Day Fireworks Celebration a few years back [article], and we would have them back any time. But, I think they were being very serious when they said their favorite place to perform is probably San Jose, near their hometown.  “Nate Deaton, station manager at KRTY radio, was the first person to play “The Price I Pay,” Shannon told us.  “When we play in our home town and that area, we have a lot of support from our fans there,” Ryan said.

CC: Since country music fans can find out a lot about their favorite artists online, we like to ask a few questions that usually aren’t covered on the Internet.

Favorite Food:
– Ethiopian – I like the texture.  It’s warm, mushy food you get to eat with your hands.  And, it’s amazing, healthy food.  they have some great restaurants in Nashville.
Shannon – My favorite food is Brussels Sprouts.  But the craziest thing I eat is hot sauce – I put it on everything, like macaroni and cheese, eggs, even salads.

Favorite Color:
Ryan –
I guess black, I only wear black.
Shannon – White is my favorite color to wear, but I think blue is my favorite color.

Favorite Book:
Ryan –
The Outsiders
Shannon –
Harry Potter

Favorite Movie:
Ryan –
Star Wars.  That movie is so much more than amazing effects – it’s symbolism – things that are important today.
Shannon – Good Will Hunting

Favorite Song (any genre):
Ryan –
“We Are the World,”  There’s just something about that song.  When you talk about favorite songs, I probably have hundreds, but when you talk about usic and why we’re all doing this, “We Are the World” comes to mind immediately. It is uplifting, and inspired me as a kid.
Shannon – I have so many favorites, I don’t think I could ever pick just one.

Favorite Artist:
Ryan –
Bon Jovi, U2, some of the classic rock bands.  I love how their songs say something and still hold up.  That kind of music inspired me to perform.
Shannon –
Sheryl Crow and Bob Dylan

Do you have any pets?
We have two cats, They are sisters; their names are Princess Leah the Cat and Rey.

Do you do your own Twitter and Facebook updates?
Yes, we like to be involved in our social media.  We check and respond to messages.

Visit their website, and remember to have a look at their Facebook page, too.  Head over to Spotify and YouTube to hear some of their music, and you can follow them on Twitter @haleynmichaels.   If you aren’t already following Country’s Chatter on Twitter, we’d love to have you.  You will find us @countryschatter.

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Some things are just destine to be, When you talk to Shannon Haley and Ryan Michaels, it becomes evident rather quickly that the duo Haley & Michaels is one of those things. The two grew up close to each other in Northern California.  But they never met until they...