american youngWhen most country music fans hear the name American Young, I believe they are immediately taken back a few years (to 2013), when we were hearing the song, “Love Is War” on the radio – a lot.  I was always a fan of the song, and a fan of this duo.  We haven’t heard much from them lately.Now, they have some new music for us.  And, it doesn’t surprise me at all that it is good music.

The duo is made up of Kristy Osmunson (half of the electrifying fiddle-duo Bomshel), and Jon Stone, songwriter/producer of “Me and My Gang”, and a “Woman Like You”.  Together, the duo is credited for songs for country hit makers such as Kenny Chesney, Lee Brice, Rascal Flatts, Blake Shelton, and many more.

Their new, self-titled album, is made up of 12 songs (11 of which the duo wrote), and was produced by Lee Brice.  I was glad to see the included “Love is War” on this album.  That, by the way, is the only one they didn’t write. It was written by Billy Montana, Kylie Sackley, Jonathan Singleton.  You would know other works by each of these writers – including Jonathan Singleton’s “Don’t” (Billy Currington); “Watching Airplanes” (Gary Allan), and “Why Don’t We Just Dance” (Josh Turner).  Kylie Sackley gave us LeAnn Rimes’ “Nothin’ Bout Love Makes Sense”, Sam Hunt’s “Speakers”, and It’s “Just That Way”, sung by Alan Jackson.  Billy Montana was the man behind “Bring on the Rain” (Jo Dee Messina), “More Than a Memory” (Garth Brooks) and “Suds in the Bucket” (Sara Evans.


Be Here (Jennifer Denmark, Tiffany Goss, Jon Stone, Kristy Osmunson)
American Dream (Billy Montana, Jon Stone, Kristy Osmunson)
Love Is War (Billy Montana, Kylie Sackley, Jonathan Singleton)
Point Of View (Jon Stone, Kristy Osmunson)
Party In The Dark (Jon Stone, Kristy Osmunson, Jon McElvoy)
Better On You (Matt Alderman, Bill Montana, Jon Stone)
Eighteen (with Lee Brice) (Lee Brice, Jon Stone, Shane McAnally)
God Sends A Train (Kristy Osmunson, Bob Regan)
Slow Ride (Kyle Jacobs, Jon Stone, Kristy Osmunson)
Soldier’s Wife (Don’t Want You To Go) (Billy Montana, Hannah Blaycock, Jon Stone)
Hometown Girl (Jon Stone, Kristy Osmunson, Hayley Georgia)
Something To You (Billy Montana, Jon Stone, Kristy Osmunson)

Luke and AYThey open the album with the song “Be Here”, which is their current single in the UK.  If somehow you aren’t familiar with the sound of American Young, this song will let you know what you can expect to hear on the new album.  Perfect harmonies throughout the song – and throughout the entire album. This is a slow song. It’s one I wanted to listen to over and over until the lyrics got stuck in my head.  The melody did that from the first time I listened.  I’m hoping this one will hit radio here in the states.  I believe we are all ready for more from American Young. {Pictured above, Luke Alison – Country’s Chatter writer in London who met Kristy and Jon after a recent UK show).

The second song, “American Dream” definitely picks up the pace.  We have Kristy on fiddle in this one, and lyrics that talk about the American Dream really being part of our simpler times and simpler life.  “I want a sunrise with nothing in the way.  Waking up in a wheat field on a broken old 2 lane, leading out to a dirt road and a mailbox with my last name.  I want to step off my back porch and walk down to the lake… where there ain’t no Monday morning rush and there ain’t no one-hour break for lunch…….”  Those are a few of the great lyrics, and just a taste of the great story they are telling all of us who want to be part of that American Dream.  I heard this one and changed my mind.  I decided this is the single they need to get on the radio here.  Every bit of this song is great

“Love Is War” is the third song.  I liked this one back when, and I still do.  If there is any way you don’t remember this song, I hope you will run over to YouTube and listen to it. [Click here]  this one is full of mandolin and fiddle, and all of the things that made this one of my favorite duos the first time I heard it.

Every album needs that one bouncy, fast, fun song – and on this album that description goes to “Point of View”.  I didn’t listen to this one more than once because I wanted to remember the melody, or learn the lyrics, or even follow a story line.  I wanted to listen to it over and over because it made me smile.  It was fun!  I think you are all going to love this one.

I’m not going to try to review all 12 of these songs, but I really encourage you to do that for yourself.  Pick up your copy of the album. You will really enjoy it.  “Hometown Girl,” like every other song, has great vocals, good music you will want to listen to, and a story to tell.  I didn’t talk about  “Eighteen”, “Soldier’s Wife,” “Better On You”, but if I had, every word would have been good. Every song you hear on this album has good points… all good points.

I couldn’t find anything not to like as I listened to the album. When I listen to a new album, I usually pick a personal favorite.  A song that just really made me want to put this album in my collection.  And, I usually pick the one that was my least favorite.  Almost every album has one that I like a little less than the others.  I listened to this entire album at least a dozen times since receiving it to review.  I couldn’t find a favorite. Every time a new song that started, it was just as good as the one that just finished.  If I was told I ‘had’ to pick a favorite – it might be “Soldier’s Wife”.  Not because the song is that much better than the others, but because it brought back a lot of memories for me.  As for the one I liked least … there isn’t one.

In addition to their website, visit their Facebook page, and please remember to ‘Like” it while you are there. If you don’t have any of their music in your collection yet, you can head over to iTunes. They have several other social media links on their website, so have a look at those as well.  And, you can follow them on Twitter @americanyoung.  If you aren’t already following Country’s Chatter on Twitter, we’d love to have you.  You will find us @countryschatter.

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When most country music fans hear the name American Young, I believe they are immediately taken back a few years (to 2013), when we were hearing the song, “Love Is War” on the radio – a lot.  I was always a fan of the song, and a fan of...