“This Is The LIfe” is the new single from South Carolina native Robbie Robinson. Written by the artist, the song is a moving reminder of the important things in life and enjoying those simple moments. “This Is The Life” is from Robinson’s forthcoming GIMRecords album release, The Wish Project.

Radio programmers can download the track at Play MPE and at the CDX Download Center on Volume #644. The song is also available for purchase at iTunes and other digital retailers.

“This Is The Life” is the follow up to Robinson’s debut single, “Make A Wish,” which told the heart-tugging story of a little boy who had suffered a severe accident.

Robbie Robinson’s music is an extension of his non-profit Wish Project Foundation (not affiliated with Make-A-Wish), which grants requests from children who have endured tragic life circumstances. The organization was founded by the artist after he personally experienced a life-altering traumatic accident at the age of 18. Robinson’s inspirational story serves as a reminder of the power of hope and dreaming big dreams.

Robinson’s Wish Project Foundation granted its “First Wish” recently to a 13-year-old special needs child named Aaron. The teenager had lost his father earlier in his life and his mother suffered from terminal cancer. Robinson, on behalf of the Wish Project Foundation, arranged for Aaron to be picked up at his middle school in a chauffeured limousine and taken on a $1,500 shopping spree to the stores of his choice, and dinner at a Japanese steakhouse.

Robinson says, “I am really excited that “This Is The Life’ has been released. I look forward to continuing to share my music and the Wish Project Foundation with America as we spread joy through music and grant wishes for deserving kids everywhere.”

For more information about the Wish Project Foundation and Robbie Robinson, visit their Facebook page at this link: https://www.facebook.com/WishProjectFoundation/

Zeq2iDcFABOUT ROBBIE ROBINSON:  Robinson hails from Aiken, South Carolina. Born into a family with deep musical ties, his Mother sang and played piano, and his Grandfather played guitar and sang with a gospel quartet. So, it was a natural progression that he began teaching himself to play piano at age 6, made his first solo performance in church when he was in the eighth grade, and learned guitar from his Grandfather when he was a senior in high school. As his passion for music grew, he was influenced throughout his youth by Country artists Randy Travis, Vince Gill, Loretta Lynn, Reba McEntire and Garth Brooks.

As a teenager, Robinson found another “life calling” and began volunteering his time with charitable organizations, mentoring and working with/on behalf of children from every background. By age fifteen, he began serving as a 4-H camp counselor, where for three summers he worked with more than 300 children. It was during this time that a friend gave him a CD by a Christian band that would soon change his life forever. He loved the group and he learned their songs word-for-word.

During his first semester of college, Robinson was again involved with children as he worked between classes in a local Rehab Center as a pediatric rehabilitation aid. He also taught the Royal Ambassadors program at his church, where young boys from grades 1-6 experience hands-on activities that encourage spiritual growth. When Robbie was eighteen, he learned that the musical group that he had fallen in love with earlier was going to be performing a few hours away from where he lived and he made arrangements to attend the show.

Little did he know that the trip to see the group’s concert would end in a life-altering accident that would lead to a severe brain injury after the right rear tire on the truck he was riding in exploded and caused the vehicle to roll on the interstate. Robinson underwent emergency brain surgery on Thanksgiving Day. After removing most of his right temporal lobe, doctors warned his family that he would likely never play, hum, or even recognize a tune again. Miraculously, Robbie surprised everyone when he made his way to the piano in the hospital chapel just a few weeks later and began to sing and play, despite the predictions.

15894509_1315881635100314_8565169215297969654_nABOUT WISH PROJECT FOUNDATION:  The Wish Project Foundation is an organization founded by Robbie Robinson to grant the wishes of children who have suffered life-altering tragedy and raise awareness of psychological conditions such as Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. The Wish Project Foundation grants wishes to children who have suffered such tragedies and seek to remind them that hope is alive, and there is happiness beyond their tragic circumstance.”

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'This Is The LIfe' is the new single from South Carolina native Robbie Robinson. Written by the artist, the song is a moving reminder of the important things in life and enjoying those simple moments. 'This Is The Life' is from Robinson's forthcoming GIMRecords album release, The Wish Project....