A little while ago (Oct. 11), we posted the new music video from Paul Bogart, called “All That Cowboy Jazz”. We told you at that time that we’ve been fans of Paul’s for a while now.  Paul still considers himself a ‘country and western’ singer/songwriter.  These days, most country music fans have dropped that word, ‘western’ and just call it country music.  But, in the case of this professional roper, who really is a cowboy from the west, I think the title is fitting.  (If you missed that article last week, or would like to have another look at the video, you can do that by clicking here.)

Shortly after we posted that article, we received a press release about the video, along with some show dates and other information about Paul. So, even though we’ve already posted the video, we are going to run the press release – and I think I’ll close this one with a video of one of my favorite Paul Bogart Songs. “The Cowboy Way”. It’s an older one, but show you how songs Paul does just seem to stay with you.

[Press Release] Authentic country and western singer/songwriter and professional roper Paul Bogart has released a music video for his single “All That Cowboy Jazz.” An infectious western swing song that will have listeners on their feet, boot-scootin’ across the floor in seconds, the video will put viewers in a happy mood instantaneously. The song is the first single from Bogart’s latest album Leather available now here.

Country lifestyle entertainment channel, Great American Country (GAC), The Country Network and The Heartland Network have picked up the video for “All That Cowboy Jazz” to include in their rotation. This is the follow-up to his majorly successful video release of “Cowboy Way”, a tribute to real-life cowboys garnering over 1 million views and showcased by the American Quarter Horse Association and other equine organizations across country.

“’All That Cowboy Jazz’ is a perfect fit for Heartland’s video library.  Paul Bogart’s new spin on the classic sound is breathtakingly authentic.  Adding the video into our rotation was the easiest decision I’ve made all year.” expressed Terri Coyle of The Heartland Network.

Co-written with Country Radio Broadcast Hall of Famer Bill Whyte and multi-instrumentalist Zach Runquist, Bogart lists the let-loose, line-dance-potential number as a personal favorite from the album.

“I wrote ‘All That Cowboy Jazz’ with two good friends and it’s definitely one of my favorites on the album. We shot the music video back home in Oologah, OK and the hometown crowd filled up the Iron Horse Saloon — partly in support of me and my music and I’m sure partly just to see how a Nashville music video comes about! The song is a toe tapper and the video brings a smile every time!” said Paul Bogart.

Paul 1
Paul Bogart Tour Dates:
Dec. 30 – Ramona, OK – Cherokee Casino
Dec. 31 – Claremore, OK – Dog Iron Saloon
Jan. 11 – Indianapolis, IN – Archery Trade Association Show
Jan. 12 – Wyandotte, OK – Brodertown Casino
Feb 1 – Phoenix, AZ- Corona Ranch
Mar. 31 – Warner, OK – Connor State College Rodeo Team Fundraiser
May 4 – Wyandotte, OK – Brodertown Casino
Jun. 1 – Tulsa, OK – Bit By Bit Fundraiser
Sep. 15 – Grover, OK – North Eastern Oklahoma Electric Coop

Tour dates continue to be announced. Find everything Paul Bogart here: Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and on Twitter and Facebook

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A little while ago (Oct. 11), we posted the new music video from Paul Bogart, called 'All That Cowboy Jazz'. We told you at that time that we've been fans of Paul's for a while now.  Paul still considers himself a 'country and western' singer/songwriter.  These days, most country...