18582232_1196536087136258_3447152243605680934_nMany times when we tell you about a new artist, it is because the artist or a representative of that artist, took the time to seek us out..  That is how we learned about The Joe Stamm Band.  We received an email telling us about this very talented artist, and of course wanted to pass that information along to you.

The email told us that The Joe Stamm Band recently hit No. 1 on Country Music Life Spotify Playlist, and was hailed as an “emerging country rock group with their haunting impressive Crow Creek”.  That tells it better than I could.  When talking about “Crow Creek”, the emphasis needs to be on the word ‘rock’ and not on the word ‘country’.  And, haunting is without a doubt the right descriptive word.   You can listen to “Crow Creek”, which is the current single, by clicking here.

I listened to a few of Joe’s songs, and I really liked “Feel Like Me” (the last single) more than I do “Crow Creek”.  But, having done Country’s Chatter for nearly 10 years now, and talking to many of our readers, I know that there are a whole lot of you who are going to love “Crow Creek”.  Any country fan who is looking looking for a unique country rock sound, is going to find that with Joe Stamm.

Just be sure you do not make the mistake of thinking that what you hear from Joe in songs like “Crow Creek”, “Feel Like Me” and “Song of the Hills” are all there is to Joe, because you’d be wrong.  This is a multi-faceted artist, with many sides, and may styles. And, I believe he has perfected all of them.  If you haven’t heard a song you like after you get through the ones on his website, just wait until you hear his new single.

KidsThe new single, is “American Freeborn Kids,” and is set to release on Nov. 30. It will be available on iTunes, Amazon, and GooglePlay.  I have already listened to this one, and I cannot wait for all of you to hear it.  This is country music!  If I could put myself in the chair of any radio program director across the country, I’d add this one to the play list the day it got to the station.

I really need to thank Joe and his management team for allowing me to share the following few paragraphs with you.  This is ithe story behind the  song, straight from Joe.

Here’s the backstory from Joe…

“Shortly after the presidential elections in 2016, I wrote a song called American Freeborn Kids. I didn’t write it to protest. I didn’t write it to protest the protesters. I wrote it because I was seeing all the division among the American people…the anger, the slander, the infighting…and frankly, it just made me sad.

I think debate, protests, competing interests and opinions are good & necessary for a healthy nation, don’t get me wrong. But I also don’t think these differences require hatred & grief for one another.

America was born a melting pot of many different cultures and creeds. Our diversity gave us our strength, and continues to do so today. I wanted to write a song that helped us celebrate our differences and not agonize over them, as we often do.

This song is not a defense or an indictment of any side of any argument of any issue. It’s not about politics or the American government. It’s not saying we’re better or worse than any other people or nation. It is purely and simply a celebration of you, and me – of us as a community and nation of people…our diversity, our culture & cultures.

This song is about everything, and everyone, that makes up our collective bond as American Freeborn Kids. And I hope you can celebrate that with me.”

Joe 1His bio tells us he is from central Illinois, his early life revolved “primarily around football, earning a scholarship to play quarterback at Northern Illinois University. Injuries, however, cut a once promising career short and sent him searching – searching for a new identity, new hobbies, new pursuits and points of focus. He poured himself into academics, hunting, his childhood faith, partying & burning candles at both ends. Gradually, music and songwriting dominated Joe’s focus and stories began to emerge – not just his but yours, ours. Over time, a community of musicians & fans took notice. A band formed & audiences started filling venues.”

Joe has already opened for Travis Tritt, Jerrod Niemann, Parmalee, the Kentucky Headhunters,, J.T. Hodges, and even Willie Nelson and Kris Kristofferson.  Most of the shows listed on his schedule right now are in the Illinois area, but I’m sure that will change soon  You can check out that schedule by clicking here, and keep checking back, as I am certain more shows will be added.

Joe 3For more information on Joe Stamm, visit his website. And, be sure to follow him on Facebook and Twitter.  If you aren’t already following Country’s Chatter on Twitter, we’d love to have you.  You will find us @countryschatter


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Many times when we tell you about a new artist, it is because the artist or a representative of that artist, took the time to seek us out..  That is how we learned about The Joe Stamm Band.  We received an email telling us about this very talented artist,...