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Interview with Gwen Sebastian – “Once Upon A time in the West: Act 1” debuts at #1 on iTunes

GSCoverLast Thursday (Nov. 16), we had the opportunity to spend a little phone-time with Gwen Sebastian.  Gwen talked to us about her new album, “Once Upon A time in the West: Act 1”.  And, she shared some other interesting facts with us, that we will be sharing with all of you in the interview below.

But, we had to start off with this!  Her album, which was released last Friday (Nov. 17), debuted at No. 1, reaching the top spot on iTunes, and the #15 spot on Amazon.  Her first single from this album, “Cadillac,” also made it to #1 on iTunes.  “Seeing my album at #1 shows me how much support I have from my fans and friends.  That means so much to me,” Gwen shared in a press release.

Gwen wrote or co-wrote all 13 songs on the album.  Co-writers included Miranda Lambert, Anderson East, Ashley Monroe, Brady Seals and others.

CC:  Tell us a little about your new album.  

Gwen:  The album was actually recorded last year, so I’ve been anxious for people to hear it.  There are 13 songs.  I co-wrote all of them with some amazing songwriters, who are also good friends. Ashley Monroe and Miranda Lambert are both featured artists on two of the songs on the album.

“Oh Country,” which is the one Miranda sings on, is really written about my parents.  About how they were such hard-working individuals, and had to rely on God and the weather to make a living.  It’s about how parents raise their children and then they grow up and move away.  but, there’s a happy part to the song, and that is they all had a love of music.

CC:  You write and perform.  Do you prefer one over the other?

Gwen: I really enjoy performing more.  I think it’s because I’ve been doing it for so long  I’m in my comfort zone when I sing. I’ve been singing since I was about 7-years-old.  It is just more natural for me.

CC:  Out of all the songs you’ve written, do you have a favorite?

Gwen: My favorites are probably “Oh Cowboy,” “Cadillac”, and “Losers and Lashes”.  they are all on the new album.  “Losers and Lashes” I wrote with a friend who had that title stuck in her head for a long time but couldn’t quite figure out what to do with it.  It’s basically about all the things women do to try to look good – we make ourselves look pretty, only to get picked up in a bar by a loser.  the song is pretty much saying you need to keep the lashes, and get rid of the loser.

CC:  Since you started singing at such a young age, we were wondering if you ever did a competition before The Voice.

Gwen: I did try out for the television show Nashville Star.  I can’t remember what year that was.  As a kid growing up we had a local talent competition called The Country and Western Jamboree.  I competed in that for several years.  Sometimes alone, and sometimes with my mom and cousins.  We had a quartet.

CC: The Voice lead you out on tour with Blake, do you consider your appearance on that show to be the biggest turning point in your career?

Gwen:  It was the biggest turning point for me It turned everything into something more than I thought it could.  I was traveling around the country with my own band for about five years.  I was able to make a living with music, but there wasn’t anything that was moving the ball in the direction I wanted it to go.  The Voice did that for me.

CC:  where do you hope to see yourself in five years?

Gwen:  I want to still be making music, recording and traveling around the country.

CC:: You have several songs on the new album with featured artists.  Is there an artist would you like to do a duet with  and why?

Gwen:  Vince Gill.  I’ve always loved him.  I know every one of his songs.  He first came out when I was a teenager.  I remember I had a crush on him.  I think I know everything about him.

CC:  These days, we can find out most of what we need to know by looking at your social media sites.  Things like where you will be headed on tour, and when your new music is due out.  We have a few questions we think fans might want to know the answers to, that they can’t always find on the internet.

Favorite Movie:  Elf
Favorite Book:  The Giving Tree
Favorite Song:  I Believe in Love – Don Williams
Favorite Food:  Mom’s Meatloaf
Favorite Sport:  Basketball and Tennis
Pets:  I have two rescue pit bulls, Angel and Earl
Favorite city to visit:  Asheville, N.C.

GS1We send a huge thank you out to Gwen for spending a little of her time with us.  And, we also send our apology for being so late in getting this interview posted.  Sometimes when the holidays get close – we get busier than we want to admit.

For all the latest news about Gwen, visit her website.  Check out her Facebook page, and follow her on Twitter @GwenSebastian.  She also has some other social media links on her website, so be sure to have a look at those as well.  If you don’t have a copy of “Once Upon a Time in the West: Act 1”, head on over to iTunes.  This is one every country music fan is going to want in their collection.



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Last Thursday (Nov. 16), we had the opportunity to spend a little phone-time with Gwen Sebastian.  Gwen talked to us about her new album, 'Once Upon A time in the West: Act 1'.  And, she shared some other interesting facts with us, that we will be sharing with all...

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