No one ever said a person had to be born in the south to enjoy country music. At least Country hopes no one ever said that. The owner and principal writer of this blog, known to her friends as “Country,” was born in Philadelphia, Pa. – let’s just say ‘a very long time ago.’ Her mother was a musician, her grandmother was a musician, and her children are musicians. Somehow that music “gene” missed Country, but she makes up for her lack of musical talent with a real love of music.

During the summer and fall, you can find her at the entertainment stage area of fairs from Knoxville, TN., to Castlewood, VA., to Fletcher County, NC., and several others in between. During  the winter months, she is definitely no stranger to indoor concerts throughout the area. She enjoys the shows, and has a great deal of respect and admiration for who the entertainers are, and for what they do.

This site was started On Feb. 8, 2008, to help Country get the word out, so to speak. This site is for all country music fans – put together by one very special fan, with a little help, of course. Her goal is to bring country music news, reviews and interviews to all the fans who enjoy country music as much as she does. With that said, if you have a comment you would like to share with Country, an idea for an article, a correction to a published article, a photo of you with a Country Music Celebrity, or anything else please use the contact form below to contact Country personally. Advertising information can be found here.

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