High 8The 2017 Appalachian Fair has come to an end.  We had the pleasure of seeing High Valley on the main stage last night, to wrap things up on this years event.  Attendees from all over the southeastern portion of the U.S. make a point to visit this fair every year.  Country music fans know one of the reasons for that is the best of Nashville are on our fair stage every August. That doesn’t happen without a lot of work from folks like Forrest Surber at Forrest Fire Entertainment.  So again, we need to give a big thank you to Forrest, along with the Appalachian Fair board of directors for bringing us a great lineup this year.

Having already seen Chris Lane, Eric Paslay, Brett Young, Clint Black, Chris Janson, Crowder, and Lonesome River Band, the crowd was now ready to welcome Atlantic / Warner Music Nashville recording artists High Valley to the stage.  High Valley closed our fair with a great show, and a fun night for everyone.

“Love You For a Long Time,” “She’s With Me,” and “Make You Mine” were the songs they sang that everyone knew, but they weren’t the only ones that had the audience singing along.  And, if the audience wasn’t singing, they were dancing at their seats, clapping their hands, waving their arms, and doing whatever it was they wanted to do to let everyone know they were having a great time.

One of my favorite songs they sing is “Father’s Love”.  They sang this the last time I saw them, too, and it is one I hope they will keep in their set list.  They certainly put it in the right place in the show, as you will hear that right after you hear a great story how their dad played such an important part in getting their music career going.

They also sang that great old Gospel song, “I’ll Fly Away”, as well as “Dear Life”, Soldier”, “Memory Makin’,” “Young Forever,” and “The Only” (to name a few).  They gave us the standard length 75-90 minute ‘fair set’, and then came back on stage for an encore.  People who only know High Valley from their records of the radio need go make a point to see them on stage  They definitely know how to keep the crowd on its feet!

DSCN3918Band members Dave Myers (bass), Raymond Klassen (dobro), Clint Milburn (guitar), and Andrew Hemmerling (drums) are more than members of the band..  They are part of the show. It was fun watching them work as each instrumentalist took his place (at one time or another) center stage to show us what he could do.  They are a team of artists who work well together, sharing the stage behind Brad and Curtis, in front of Brad and Curtis and at times, right along side the brothers to complete the group High Valley.

Cheilon handles the merch and assists fans with their merchandise purchases.  For the most part, we see the ‘merch guy’, and it was nice having this friendly, out-going young lady in charge of the merchandise.  We need to thank Cheilon for providing the names of the band members (since it is really hard to get those written down while they are being introduced from the stage).

While we did see Eric Paslay come out after his show and sign autographs for fans, I think if only one act could be given the ‘fan-friendly award for the 2017 Appalachian Fair’, that award would go to High Valley.  Not only did the have a very nice, unrushed meet and greet prior to the show, but after the show they signed autographs and posed for pictures for everyone who wanted to have a picture taken or something signed.  I don’t even want to guess how many fans were in that very long line, or what time they might have finished, but I know all of the fans really appreciated that gesture.  And, it isn’t something they will not forget any time soon.

In addition to their website, visit their Facebook page (and please, remember to “Like” it while you are there). Check out their Instagram, loaded with pictures and videos for you to enjoy.  And, by all means, follow them on Instagram, you aren’t going to want to miss their posts. They have some other social media links listed on their website, so have a look at those, too.  And, you can follow them on Twitter @HIGHVALLEY.  If you are not already following Country’s Chatter on Twitter, we’d love to have you.  You will find us @countryschatter.

We are going to close this out with a few more pictures from the Appalachian Fair concert last night.  Sending out that super huge thank you to Beverly Campbell Hood, who is always such a big help to Country’s Chatter with sharing her great concert photos.  (All photos in this post were taken by Donna Rea and Beverly).


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The 2017 Appalachian Fair has come to an end.  We had the pleasure of seeing High Valley on the main stage last night, to wrap things up on this years event.  Attendees from all over the southeastern portion of the U.S. make a point to visit this fair every...