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If you want a little ‘something different’ in your music library., I have the CD for you. I spent the last few days listening to Chuck Williams, “Middle of the Road”.  This is definitely not what you are hearing on country radio today.  It is, however, about the best mix of country, bluegrass, folk, and Americana that we’ve heard in a very long time.  Chuck is without a doubt a storyteller.  His stories  make you think that someone has actually lived that.

We last told you about Chuck back in January 2016, when he released his CD, “Songs From a Troubled Soul”.  Back then, we gave his CD a ‘thumbs up’ review, and we are about to do that again.

Not only are the songs great, but he has some of the best musicians and vocal help, along with his instrumental talent and soothing vocals.  On the Cd you will find Chuck on vocals and guitar; Curtis Jones, lead guitar, bango, mandolin, bass, drums, vocals and native flute.  Kim Jones adds her vocals and bass.  Martin Norgaard handles the fiddle, and Tyler Williams handles the piano and also vocals.

The CD includes music written by Chuck Williams  Heartsongs Music; track 4 written by Chuck and Tyler Williams; track 12 writting by Chuck and Mark Brinkman Songs B.M.I. Recorded, produced, mixed and mastered by Curtis Jones at Wolf Tracks and Bunny Studio.

Chuck CD

Track List
1. Waiting For Her To Come Home
2. Angel From Heaven
3. How Could I Know
4. Autumn Breeze
5. Jenny of the Lonesome Pine
6. Feel How the Wind blows
7. Middle of the Road
8. That Place I’ve Never Been
9. All that Remains is a Song
10. Cold Clay Ground
11. Life of a Rambler
12. The Tunnel Bum
13. Cold Day on Blood Mountain

You can listen to a short clip of each of this songs by checking out this website.  And, if you like what you hear, you can buy it on that same page.

chuck 3I’ve told you a little about his music, now I’d like to share what his bio tells uabout Chuck Williams.  His bio reads like a story that could be turned into a song.

Chuck Williams was born, raised and worked on his grandparent’s farm in southeastern Licking County, Ohio.  After graduating from high school, he went to work on cable tool drilling rigs, finished concrete, went to  Nebraska and worked as a welder for a short time, and then back to Ohio and the oil rigs.  In the early 80’sm  Chuck started cutting timber. ”Once I got sawdust in my veins, I never could get it shook out,” he recalls.

He bought his first guitar—a Martin HD28V—in 2005 at the age of 45.  “I had always loved country and Bluegrass music and wanted to play the guitar and sing.

“In October of 2006 I was in a serious accident which ended my logging career.”  In response, Chuck took up the guitar in earnest, and he never looked back.

Drawing on fond memories of his mother’s beautiful voice in church, and his dad’s collection of classic country 33’s, Chuck began to craft a sound all his own—part country, part gospel, part bluegrass and part classic American storytelling.  Lately, his efforts have been gaining more and more notice.  A house concert veteran, Chuck has graced the stages of The Mountain Arts Center, The John C. Campbell Folk School, Artlore Gallery, and many more.

Here’s what people are saying about Chuck Williams:

“Chuck Williams exudes authenticity. There is nothing phony about his performances.”  Craig Heath

“Whatever it is you just did… Keep doing it! You put chills up everyone’s spine tonight!”  Dan Mesnard

“Chuck’s music is American Folk with a slight resemblance to the style of Dylan, yet with a little classic country feel to some of his songs.”  Country’s Chatter

For Booking or more Information, please contact Chuck at: Email:  Online:  Phone:  740-403-9961

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If you want a little 'something different' in your music library., I have the CD for you. I spent the last few days listening to Chuck Williams, 'Middle of the Road'.  This is definitely not what you are hearing on country radio today.  It is, however, about the best...