Those of you who have been reading Country’s Chatter for the past 15 years know that we do a lot of articles about country music legends, new artists, new releases, Today’s Country hitmakers, and that list goes on and on.  At times, we even mention a songwriter or two.  We mention them.  That’s usually as far as we go.

Today, we would like to introduce all of you to Johnny Gray.  We think you are going to love his music as much as we do.  You can hear a lot of these great songs at Reverbnation. Just click here and get ready to enjoy the music.  Johnny Gray (Rock, Blues, Country) | ReverbNation

We really are hoping that a publishing company out there will see this article, and get In touch with Johnny.  So much talent here, just waiting for someone to sign him.

The info on Reverbnation says Johnny Gray is ‘Rock/Blues/Country.  And, from the music we’re listened to – that would be accurate.  He isn’t doing the vocals on all of the Reverbnation songs posted, but he wrote them all.  He is, however, doing a lot of the vocals. Johnny is a very diversified songwriter.  He puts his thoughts into words, and puts those words in order to tell a story.  Always a good story.  Always a different tempo.  Always revealing a little more just how much truth there is to that three word  genre’ description – Rock, Blues, Country.

“When I Dream” (vocals by Kristen Joy) – “When I dream, I dream of you.  They said dreams, they don’t come true.  They are wrong and I say that they do.  Because I’m falling, falling for you….”  This is a love story every one of us has been through.  The words , the melody, the chorus…everything about this song has ‘radio ready’ written all over it.  I can hear everyone from the newest female country artists, like Priscilla Block or American Idol’s Huntergirl – all the way up to Carrie Underwood or Kelsea Ballerini singing a song like this.

All of our readers know that country music is primarily my genre’.  To quote another songwriter, “I Was Raised on Country Music” (cowriters Chirs Young, Corey Crowder and Cary Barlowe).  But, the fact that I am “Pure Country” (there I go again), doesn’t mean I didn’t enjoy “All The Haunted Hearts”.  When I listened to this one, I knew it wasn’t going to be a favorite of mine.  It’s a bit more rock than I like.  But, that certainly doesn’t mean all of you won’t love it. A lot of our country fans seem to enjoy a ‘rockin’ good time’.  You get that with many of our country artists today.  And, here is a rock song for you that will give you even more.

I listened to the Reverbnation songs in order, I didn’t finish.  There are so many great songs to listen to.  But, I will definitely go back to listen to more. The next song is “On the Rocks”.  When you hear the intro, you are going to do what I did.  Lean back in your chair and pay close attention.  This is a beautiful song. The instrumentation is soothing.  The song, a little sad.  “The taste of sweet tea, it reminds me of you.  On my front porch swing, under skies so blue.  The sweet taste now gone, like our late night walks, and a taste once so sweet is now scotch on the rocks….on the rocks”.  I hope you will all go listen to this one.

Before we talk about the other songs, I want to share with you a bit about Johnny Gray.  The bio on his Reverbnation page tells us this:

“I am primarily a songwriter and my material is showcased here with some professional artists and professional productions (listed first), then most performed by me.

“I am presently submitting my music for film and TV consideration by way of an excel catalogue that describes each song in detail along with hyperlinks that can take you to any song immediately.

“I also front the LENIN BLACK CLASSIC ROCK BAND (formerly The Johnny Gray Band) ( and have a solo show to backing tracks where I offer over 400 tracks for the audience to choose from (

Johnny Gray was born in Zurich. Born Zurich, brought up Versailles, went to school in Kent and college in Exeter and taught all around the country till retirement in Leeds.  “I had a spate of writing songs that I recorded between 1971 and 1980 – then I had a long marriage which prevented me from doing so – not supported ☹️- but new marriage in 2007 changed all that and 90% the material that you see now has been written since 2007.”

Now, a little more about this man’s music. I’m not going to try to review every Johnny Gray song I listened to – I’ll let you judge for yourself.  I do want to tell you about “The Best Dream of All”.  It’s another slow one.  It’s another story.  It’s about dreams.  We all have dreams.  It’s another favorite of mine, for sure. “At the end of that rainbow, there’s a place you can go, to dream that dream of yours.  And, remember that dream of yours is the best dream of all”.

In addition to Reverbnation, you can keep up with all the latest news about Johnny Gray, by visiting his website.

When you go to the Reverbnation page to listen to this music.  Click on the videos, too.  He has a lot of videos where you can hear more of his music, all types, all styles, all Johnny Gray originals.  He is a creative songwriter, putting his entire life into his songs.  Johnny and I are just about the same age.  I can see a lot of my past in his music. Gray,Johnny gray Band,Lenn Black Classic Rock Band,On the Rocks,reverbnation,songwriters,When I Dream
Those of you who have been reading Country’s Chatter for the past 15 years know that we do a lot of articles about country music legends, new artists, new releases, Today’s Country hitmakers, and that list goes on and on.  At times, we even mention a songwriter or two. ...