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“Celebrating the life of Loretta Lynn. One of my highest honors was being joined by her and George Jones on a song I wrote called ‘Country Music Has The Blues.'”
-Billy Ray Cyrus

“The world has lost a treasured icon, and I have lost a friend of more than sixty years. I have so many wonderful memories of touring with Loretta, sharing stages all over the world, laughing together and admiring her strength and tenacity. She was one of a kind as a singer, songwriter, and human being. We are all better off for her having walked among us.”
-Bill Anderson 

“I have lost one of my dearest friends and the world has lost a true treasure.”
-Brenda Lee

“We toured a lot with Loretta in the 1980s. She and Conway Twitty recorded our song (‘Spiders and Snakes’) as a duet which is still one of our favorite career highlights. She was County Music pure and simple. She’s irreplaceable and a complete original. Our hearts go out to her family. The Coal Miner’s Daughter is Heaven’s newest angel.”
-David and Howard Bellamy, The Bellamy Brothers

“Loretta Lynn’s friendship has meant so much to me through the years. When I first started my career, I didn’t have a band, I didn’t have a bus and barely had a song of my own to sing. Loretta and Conway invited me to open their tour and they allowed me to use their bands. I would follow behind their tour buses, driving my own car hundreds of miles between shows. Loretta saw that I was exhausted and invited me to ride the rest of the tour on her bus. She was a sweet, down-to-earth person with a heart of gold. She passed along great advice on life as well as her knowledge of the music business. I’ll never forget her kindness to me. I send my deepest sympathies to her wonderful family and also to all her fans for the loss of this wonderful woman, the legendary Queen of Country Music.”
-Gene Watson

“Loretta was THE original, southern storyteller of female power and boldness. No other woman had ever written songs like that and been so open and real. I grew up loving her voice and studying her story and her ‘won’t take crap from nobody’ lyrics. She blazed the trail for the rest of us to try and follow. This one really hurts. R.I.P to country music’s Queen.”
-Jamie O’Neal

“From a coal miner’s daughter to the queen of country music, Loretta gave so much joy to all of us. Now her joy is complete. Her race is run. Her journey has ended. We’re sad for her passing, but we’re celebrating a wonderful life and a wonderful career.”
-Ernie Haase, Ernie Haase & Signature Sound

“As a woman coming up in country music, I’ve always looked up to Loretta.  She was an entertainer, a prolific songwriter, a business woman, and a trailblazer for women. She was as real as it gets. She didn’t do what she was told, she was controversial and she stayed true to herself throughout the course of her career. Such a legend. May she Rest In Peace.”
-Meghan Linsey

“Loretta Lynn will always be remembered as a legendary country music artist who blazed so many trails for women in country music. She said things that so many were afraid to say, that had never been spoken about before. I have been profoundly impacted by her songwriting and boldness, and inspired by her courage to share the female perspective of life in country music. Especially, being pregnant myself now, I am in awe of how she managed such a long-lasting and iconic career, all while being a loving mother. I share in the mourning with our country music community, as we say goodbye to an extraordinary woman.”
-Jenny Tolman

“What a life, a legacy, a legend we have lost today. Thank you Loretta Lynn for blessing this world with your incredible talents! They will stand forever and be missed dearly.”
-Lewis Brice

“My mom and I used to watch ‘Coal Miners Daughter’ probably 15-20 times a year at the very least. This is a huge loss to country music and I just want to thank Loretta for all the years she blessed us with her talents and we are all praying for her family in the Jacob Bryant Camp.”
-Jacob Bryant

“I’m very sad to see another country music legend gone. I met Loretta, and she was a really sweet, nice lady that always cared about country music.”
-Dustin Collins

“Loretta Lynn was one the great musical female troubadours. Her songs and ass kicking lyrics will stand the testament of time. Three chords and the truth was Loretta Lynn.”
-Taylor Hicks

“We are truly saddened to hear of the passing of music legend Loretta Lynn. Her iconic music will live on, and artists for generations will continue to be inspired by her legacy.”
Maggie McClure and Shane Henry, The Imaginaries

“Even though we are generations apart, Miss Loretta has inspired me in many ways. Both originally being from Kentucky and her singing about the hollers back home, reminds me that people from even the tiniest towns around the U.S. can live their dream too.”
-Mikayla Lane

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'Celebrating the life of Loretta Lynn. One of my highest honors was being joined by her and George Jones on a song I wrote called 'Country Music Has The Blues.'' -Billy Ray Cyrus 'The world has lost a treasured icon, and I have lost a friend of more than sixty years....