Justin Champagne is known for his gumbo of musical “flavors” but in his newest release, “Country Love Song” slated for release on 3/1, he returns more to his country roots with this collaboration with K. Michelle, R & B singer and former cast member of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. Having built his name in countrified hip hop and toured with the likes of Snoop Dogg, TPain, and Warren G; hip hop, R&B fused, pop tinged, country-esque rapper Justin Champagne teams up with soulful R&B queen K. Michelle to blur the lines like no other with his newest single “Country Love Song.” Fluid as a velvet track suit and built squarely upon his signature backing sounds that propped up his other viral hits like “Number to Heaven” and “Backroads” (with Gabe G), Champagne steps out from his comfort hip hop center almost into FGL vocal territory while the former Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta star brings the smooth starry intricacies of a top pop artist, as Puddin, formerly known as K. Michelle, makes her country music debut adding her own home-grown brand of “Kountry” soul to “Country Love Song”.

“I just love, love, love Justin Champagne,” exclaims K. Michelle.  “When I first heard “Country Love Song” it made me so happy.  And when I was asked to be a part of the song it was an instant YES!” I Can’t wait for people to hear it.”

“K didn’t just bless “Country Love Song” with her amazing voice, but she effortlessly added an element that took it from a great record to a country music classic that can be embraced by multiple genres,” adds Champagne. “We made the perfect musical gumbo with this record!”

K. Michelle will be releasing her final R & B album entitled I’m The Problem and kicking off her tour under of the same name currently scheduled to begin in Washington, DC on 2/23/23.

About Justin Champagne   Born and raised in south Louisiana, Justin Champagne makes genre-bending music rooted in the sounds, stories, and swampy swagger of his home turf. It’s a soundtrack for Louisiana’s small towns and muddy backroads — a gumbo of hip-hop, country, hook-heavy pop, and hard rock, glued together by a hometown hero who raps and sings not only about his own experience, but also about the country lifestyles of his neighbors in the Deep South and beyond.

Champagne has been releasing new music over the past couple of months including the vibey and sure to make you dance “I’m The One,” latin remix featuring El Taiger, the sultry break-up anthem “Refill,” and the much anticipated EP IF SHE AIN’T COUNTRY.

Everything changed in 2016, when Justin Champagne wrote “Sun Goes Down.” A breakup anthem filled with hip-hop beats, countrified guitar riffs, soaring vocal hooks, and rhythmic rapping, “Sun Goes Down” was the first song to embrace the full range of Champagne’s musical tastes. By combining a variety of different sounds together, he created something new: a boundary-breaking genre that showcased not only the depth of his influences, but also his versatility as a songwriter, storyteller, vocalist, and rapper. Unsurprisingly, the song became a hit, earning more than a million listens on Spotify and laying the foundation for a unique, trendsetting career.

Champagne’s full-length debut, Small Town Sentiments, was released in 2018. Tracks like “Beers” and “In Them Jeans” became fan favorites, introducing a growing audience to Justin’s sound. Things accelerated once again in 2019, when Justin teamed up with hip-hop artist Gabe G to record the wildly-popular “BackRoads.” A tribute to rural living and the great outdoors, “BackRoads” earned Justin a dedicated following not only on Spotify, but also on YouTube, where the song’s music video — shot in the mud bogs, fields, lakes, and country lanes of his home state — amassed 5 million views during its first year. The song was an anthem for small-town residents across America, but it was personal, too, grounded in the experience of a musician who has always preferred country roads to city streets.

For more information, connect with Justin on socials at @iamjustinchampagne.

About K. Michelle   Since her aptly titled debut album, Rebellious Soul, K. Michelle has consistently offered her fans her pain, her desires, her challenges and her love without a filter …and she’s ok with that. For almost a decade K. Michelle has been a vocalist whose imprint and contribution to R&B is in alignment with not only her influences but singers whose artistry has the ability to connect to the listener’s soul. K. Michelle’s body of work is a testament to her experiences over time and a sonic journal that has chronicled her growth. Past aside, she is presently poised to speak her latest truth on her self proclaimed last R&B project, I’m the Problem.

Regardless of what the next album is defined as, I’m the Problem is unapologetically R&B. It is among the lexicon of what happens when an artist can write about life over instrumentation. Through this offering K. Michelle, simply being Kimberly Michelle, is an alpha female and a country girl who idolizes Dolly Parton and Whitney Houston, loves Morgan Wallen, cries to Mary J. Blige’s music and wants her fans to feel good about the music she makes. No matter what people call it, blame her for making you feel something because at the end of the day she knows she is here to be the solution.

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Justin Champagne is known for his gumbo of musical “flavors” but in his newest release, “Country Love Song” slated for release on 3/1, he returns more to his country roots with this collaboration with K. Michelle, R & B singer and former cast member of VH1’s Love & Hip Hop:...