We post a lot of press releases here on Country’s Chatter.  Some are about the artists, interviews, tours, new releases, honors they’ve received….and the list goes on.  But we don’t seem to get press releases about songwriters.  While there may be a mention of the writer when we post about a new release, it isn’t often that we hear much about these very creative, talented people who pen the music we so thoroughly enjoy.

Today, we are going to tell you about one of those writers. His name is Bill Law.  He sent us a message recently, telling us about a song he wrote called “Grandpa’s Knee.”  I listened.  the song barely got started before I knew I liked it.  A lot.  If you ever start to forget about the time you had with your grandfather, listen to this song.  I assure you, it will all come back to you. One of my grandfathers died before I was born.  The other I lost when I was 10 years old.  I remember that day. And (as the lyrics so beautifully say) I remember ‘the words he would say gave me strength to carry on.”   I thought I remembered a lot about him.  But when I listened to this song, I realized I had forgotten some things.

I hope you will all stop here for just a few minutes and click this link to listen to “Grandpa’s Knee”.  I believe our readers will like this just as much as I do.

My grandfather didn’t live on a farm, but I remember so clearly the house where he lived.  I remember things like the trapeze he built for us in the basement of that three-story brick house.  I remembered Sunday dinners with him and my Nana, and holidays.  And I know now, even more than I realized then, how fortunate my sisters, brothers and I were to live so close to our grandparents. “I learned about just how this world should be, upon my grandpa’s knee.  My Grandpa was a storyteller.  He was an amateur astronomer, he was an engineer for Bethlehem Steel, he was an artist, and he was singer.  He had a shop in his basement, and I think he could build everything.  He had a strong faith in God, and I’ll never forget the smell of his pipe tobacco. He was a very wise man, and I know he helped mold me into the adult I am today.

When Bill told me about the song, he said “It is a country flavored ballad which is not “overproduced” that allows the song to convey-in human terms-the strong emotions about the loving relationship someone had with their grandfather when they were growing up as a child.”  He’s right.  He also told us that the song will ‘stir your emotions and further enhance your appreciation of grandparents as a national treasure and strong family relationships in general’.  I used his quotes, because he said exactly what I would have said in telling you about this great song.  I not only listened to it…I listened again, and again and again.

I had the opportunity to listen to several other songs Bill wrote.  It became obvious through his writing, that he has a strong appreciation of family relationships.  That comes through not just in “Grandpa’s Knee”, but in the songs, “Family Ties”, “Somebody Tell Him”, “You Will Always Be My Baby”.

Bill Law was raised in West Virginia.  He was always drawn to country music.  He was trained on piano, trombone and baritone horn.  While Bill was growing up in a world where his peers were listening to R&B and pop music of the day, Bill would not limit himself to this type of music.  He immersed himself in the stylings of George Jones, Very Gosein, Conway Twitty, and other country music greats,

Bill spent many years working behind the scenes of the music industry, in management and bookings.  It wasn’t until the early 2000’s, after his close friend and country musician, Steve Campbell, passed away that Bill was inspired to write his first country song, “Please Dream”.

In July 2016, he officially released his debut album, “Family Ties” – a compilation of nine heartfelt country songs with a positive message.  this release received world-wide acclaim and was nominated for Country Album of the Year by Veer Magazine.

“Grandpa’s Knee” is Bill’s latest release.  Bill says the song tells the story of an individual’s relationship with their grandfather.  I believe it tells the story of all of our relationships with our grandfathers.  The song tells us the importance of spending time with family.  No one can ever take those memories away from you.

Bill does have some advice for aspiring musicians.  He tells us they need to:
(1) Appreciate and Cherish your gift.
(2) Strive to do your best…no shortcuts
(3) Set your own criteria of how your success is defined.
(4) Be persistent.

Bill and his wife Linda have been married for 45 years. They have two grown children.  Bill is devoted to helping strengthen families and communities and is a proud supporter of The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

“Grandpa’s Knee” is available for download on Amazon and Apple Music. 

The vocalist you are hearing on “Grandpa’s Knee” is Wanette Turner.  She is a music recording artist, songwriter, author, Patsy Cline impersonator, and since 2017 has been a TV Audience Producer.

She began her music career performing demos for songwriters in Nashville at the age of 15. Wanette’s live performance career as a featured vocalist began in the early 90s in tourist towns such as Branson, Mo., Pigeon Forge, Tenn., and Myrtle Beach, SC.

Over the years Wanette has shared the stage with legendary artists such as Ferlin Husky, Jim Stafford, Little Texas, Randy Houser, Boxcar Willie and Freddie Hart, as well as many others.

To keep up with Wanette Turner, visit her Website


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We post a lot of press releases here on Country's Chatter.  Some are about the artists, interviews, tours, new releases, honors they've received....and the list goes on.  But we don't seem to get press releases about songwriters.  While there may be a mention of the writer when we post...