I have been saying this for a long time.  And, I know some of you have followed my lead and given a listen to Vonn Kiss & the Dark Horses.  I think he’s great.   I know he’s country.  Mostly, he is so much of what ‘today’s country’ is missing.

We first told our readers about Vonn back in June 20165 [article] when he released his video, “She Don’t Know Who I Am,” on Roughstock.  I love his song “Struggle”,  That is a great song, and one I still love to listen to.  Everyone in music, especially our up-and-coming country artiss, really shouuld listen to the lyrics of this one.

Now the I reminded everyone how much I like this man and his music, let me pass on a press release that I received today about his new single, “You’re a 9”.  This video premiered exclusively on Country Rebel and had 100,000 views in the first three hours.

[Press Release]   As Vonn Kiss & The Dark Horses come in hot with another blazing single, country music fans take notice. The latest single “You’re a 9” assumes center stage just in time for the summer season. This single presents a playful spin on a traditional country track, detailing a timeless story of attraction. Carrying a catchy chorus, fans will not be able to resist turning the volume up and the windows down when “You’re a 9” starts playing. The new single is produced by Greg Archilla and was exclusively premiered on Country Rebel with approximately 100,000 views in the first three hours. “You’re a 9” arrives just in time to pair with good weather and good times.

“I would like to thank Country Rebel for premiering my new single, “You’re A 9,” says Vonn Kiss. “It’s always humbling to have such a great outlet believe in what I do enough to help it be heard. So again, thank you Country Rebel for helping keep this dream alive.”

This American country staple artist continues to create country classics that leave a lasting impact on listeners. Vonn’s genuine talent, ambition and passion reflect a strong desire to deliver songs that fans can resonate with and make their own. The country sound provided in “You’re a 9” is as unmatched and upbeat as it is cleverly written and relatable. As Vonn Kiss releases one stand out single after another, fans will not want to miss what this rising star has in store for the future.

“When you’re chasing dimes and get thrown off like you’re a nickel, you have to hold your head high and make them realize they aren’t worth a penny unless they have you to help them shine,” laughs Vonn.

You can stream Vonn Kiss’s new single “You’re a 9” directly on Apple Music, Spotify, and Amazon Music. This single along with others are to be dropped in the coming months contributing to a highly anticipated fall album release.

Visit his website and socials linked below to keep up with future announcements and releases.

Website | Facebook | Instagram | YouTube

bc484036-ece1-4cb2-89e6-71c15ed8621cAbout Vonn Kiss:  Vonn Kiss realized that he had a purpose long before anyone had an opinion. It was this passion and growing positive response from fans that sent Vonn touring across the nation with country hit-maker David Allan Coe and other lyrical pioneers all while headlining his own shows. An authentic claim to fame proves Vonn Kiss & The Dark Horses stand-out singles to exist somewhere between traditional and outlaw country music. Vonn calls this format “lawless country” as he and the Dark Horses work hard to keep the timeless brand alive . It is this relentless vision that is portrayed throughout their unforgettable tracks. With each release thousands more are roped into the Vonn Kiss family. As numbers organically rise it is evident that there are no limits. Stay tuned as Vonn Kiss & The Dark Horses create standards beyond compare and deliver one of a kind music to the world.

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I have been saying this for a long time.  And, I know some of you have followed my lead and given a listen to Vonn Kiss & the Dark Horses.  I think he's great.   I know he's country.  Mostly, he is so much of what 'today's country' is...