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Every now and then, someone points me in the direction of a new artist.  Many times, they are not new to the industry, but they are new to us here at Country’s Chatter.  Recently, I got a message about an artist named Jon Wood, and his new video for “What Her Leaving Left”.

As soon as you hear the first few notes of “What Her Leaving Left,” your mind is going to go back to traditional country music. But, don’t get stuck there – be prepared to move into 2021. With the road this song is taking, you will quickly realize that “What Her Leaving Left” is very much what we are hearing today’s country radio. With great lyrics that put together a story you want to hear the end of, and music and vocals that will let you know there is more to look forward to from Jon Wood than what you are hearing in this one song.

I didn’t know anything about him when the message came in, so I took to his website and Facebook page to learn a little more.  And, I went to Spotify, and listened to several of his songs there. I have no idea why we aren’t already hearing “Neon Lies” on the radio.  It’s a great song.  When you read a title like “Mama’s Been Prayin’,” You might expect it to be about a Mama’s prayers to keep her children safe, healthy, or in country music – out of trouble.  But, not this one.  Also, what I consider radio-ready, this song is about Mama praying for a ‘girl like you, who would make me kick off these leaving boots, buy some land, settle down, with a dog and some kids, a a porch that wraps around….”  I might have missed a word or two there, but, you get it.  Another story in the making, and another something you will want to listen to…from the first note to the last.

I spent a lot of time on Spotify, and while I was there, I even listened to his Christmas single, “Christmas Without You”.  It sounds like a Christmas song.  It’s slow, it’s pretty.  But, the title gives it away – it isn’t really a happy Christmas song.  ‘Christmas without you, like a mystery with no clue….’   Not all Christmas songs need to be happy, they just need to be good.  And, “Christmas Without You” is definitely good.

I hope you will all visit Jon’s website, Facebook page, and Spotify.  Give a look and a listen.  And, please have a look at his video for “What Her Leaving Left”, you will find that link under the photo at the top. Remember, Jon has a number of other videos on YouTube, so check those out as well.  Let us know what you think of Jon Wood.

Jon’s bio on his website tells us that he was born just outside of Nashville in Springfield, Tennessee in 1997. The family was in that area because his father, Steven Wood went to Nashville to pursue his dream of working in the music business.  His father, Steven Wood, came to Nashville to pursue his dream in the music business in 1991, working for Calvary Records; later becoming an artist.  playing festivals, churches. When Jon as 2 years old, the family moved to North Carolina.

Back in North Carolina, Jon’s father built a studio in their small house. They put together a family band and recorded a small album. After high school Jon took different odd jobs before realizing his main passion was music. At the age of 21, Jon Wood left his small town and chased his neon dreams to Nashville.

Only after living there for five months songwriter and producer, Justin Weaver, reached out to Jon via Instagram. They started writing early 2019 and by June 14, 2019 they released Jon’s debut EP with all of the songs co-written by Wood, Weaver, and other Nashville writers. “Drop On By,” Jon’s latest single is out now and his second EP is expected in December of 2019. Be sure to visit Jon’s website for the whole bio.

To all of our faithful readers, thank you for your patience in our return during my recovery.  I definitely appreciated all the kind emails and thoughtful words.  And, we are very glad to be back! ArtistsNew ReleasesVideos"Christmas Without You","Drop On By","What Her Leaving Left",facebook,Jon Wood
Jon Wood - What Her Leaving Left (Official Music Video) - YouTube Every now and then, someone points me in the direction of a new artist.  Many times, they are not new to the industry, but they are new to us here at Country's Chatter.  Recently, I got a message...