One thing I love about this job is that I often get to hear new music long before the rest of the world gets their hands on it.  For the past week, I  have been listening to something that I’m going file under “W” … for Wonderful.  I’m so impressed with the vocals and the music from Masie Johnson.

The only problem I had with this 4-song EP, is that it was only four songs.  four songs that I listened to over and over again. She opens with “Bend Not Break” How many of us remember a love from the past. “Do you regret the words you said, or wish that we could do it all again, If you think you might miss this after years have gone by, its not too late to bend not break”. I suppose being a country music fan is the first thing I look for in music is the story.  And, this is not only a good story, but it’s one that most of us have lived through. She listed Taylor Swift as one of her influences.  I definitely got that when I listened to “Bend Not Break”.

While “Bend Not Break” is not really a fast song, it is a little on the up-tempo side when you listen to it right before the second track, “The Dark”. Like “Bend Not Break,” I didn’t have to listen to “The Dark” more than once to get the story.  The song is beautiful.  The lyric very prolific. And, again you have those very distinctive Maisie Johnson vocals.  She has a voice you are going to remember. I still hear people talking about few country artists are female, and some people even think we already have enough females on the country charts right now,. Well, my thought on this – there is definitely room on country radio for Maisie.

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day, and the music on this EP  certainly has a love theme all the way through it.  “Dear You” – “‘If you can find it in your heart to send some kind of answer, I’ll let it be…Guess you must have moved away, you said my letters never reached you, but I’m giving it one more try just in case”.  Every song is soft, her voice is as clear as a bell.  The stories that each song tells are going to touch everyone, because it is something they probably experienced at some point in their life.

She closes with “Birdsong”.  There isn’t a lot I can say about this one that I haven’t already said about the others.  Her music is that special.  I’d like to quote this entire song for you – but I’m going to make sure I leave you all something to listen to.

Now we’ve talked about her music, let me tell you a little about Maisie Johnson. Masie is a London-born singer whose primary influences include Joni Mitchell, Leonard Cohen and Taylor Swift.  First starting to write songs aged 12 and perform aged 14, she began her career in partnership with her sister, Alice – with whom she released her first original music in 2016. After going solo and joining forces with percussionist and longtime friend, Sam Thyr, her follow-up EP peaked at #3 on the UK iTunes Country chart on the day of its release. She has been a regular on the London music scene since 2016 and has also performed in Toronto and Nashville.

While completing a foundation year at a London music school, Maisie collaborated with producer Charlie Deakin Davies (Gary Barlow, Laura Marling) to produce her eponymous third EP. Created during the COVID 19 pandemic, in the national lockdown in early 2021, the EP was produced entirely virtually from Maisie’s bedroom and Charlie’s home studio respectively. Though not the first choice, this approach makes the final product poignantly symbolic of an unprecedented time in music history.

Maisie Johnson’ is due for release on all digital and streaming platforms on February 18th, 2022.

Now you know what we think – I hope you will check out Maisie’s music, and let us know what you think.  Everyone here was very impressed with her music.  I’m really glad I was the one who got to write the review.

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One thing I love about this job is that I often get to hear new music long before the rest of the world gets their hands on it.  For the past week, I  have been listening to something that I'm going file under 'W' ... for Wonderful.  I'm so...