Country Rewind Records has announced the release of Hank Snow – The Lost Souvenir Collection with Special Guest Artist Jimmie Snow. Country Rewind Records is proud to present a special collection of newly discovered recordings from “The Singing Ranger,” Hank Snow. One of country music’s most gifted performers who has influenced several generations of musicians. He was elected to the Nashville Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1978 and was elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1979. He was also recognized by the Nova Scotia Music Hall of Fame and was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in 1985. He passed away December 20, 1999. His son, Jimmie Snow, was quite pleased to hear these songs 45 years later and be in the studio while the additions and the updates were completed. This album is a tribute to Hank’s long and illustrious career.

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If you are a fan of classic Country, you know the name Hank Snow, and if you are a Hank Snow fan, you’ll recognize many of the song titles on this album. But you have never heard Hank or these songs the way you will hear them on this unique collection! In 1949, Hank made the big move to Nashville, Tennessee, and began recording songs for RCA Victor. As was the case with many future stars, his big break came in 1950 when he was invited to play on The Grand Ole Opry, whose radio broadcasts were heard over much of the USA. He quickly established a reputation as a singer and guitar player, noted for his flamboyant sequined stage outfits. He was also a prolific and successful songwriter, writing many of the songs heard on the 80 million albums that he sold over his long career.

This special collection of songs was recorded at Eastside Manor Studio in Nashville, Tennessee with Executive Producer Thomas Gramuglia and Producer Rex Allen, Jr., for Boxer Productions. Aaron Dethrage served as re-recording and mastering engineer. Studio musicians included Dug Grieves on electric guitar, Joshua Cobb on drums and Kristen Rogers provided background vocals.

“Special thanks to Jimmie Snow and Rex Allen, Jr. for their help in making this special project come together,” expressed Executive Producer Thomas Gramuglia.

Hank Snow – The Lost Souvenir Collection Track List:
1. Down The Trail Of Aching Hearts
2. I Don’t Hurt Anymore
3. The Rhumba Boogie
4. How Do You Think I Feel*
5. Tangled Mind
6. The Wreck Of The Old ’97
7. Conscience I’m Guilty
8. Precious*
9. Calypso Sweetheart
10. Loose Talk
11. Among My Souvenirs
12. Rainbow*
13. Caribbean
14. Hobo Bill’s Last Ride
15. Tell The World He’s Coming*
16. Me And My Fiddle (Inst.)
* performed by Jimmie Snow

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About Hank Snow:
Clarence Eugene “Hank” Snow was born May 9, 1914 in Brooklyn, Nova Scotia, Canada. The country and honky tonk music artist boasted several number one hits, including the self-penned “I’m Moving On,” “The Rhumba Boogie” and “The Golden Rocket,” as well as popular versions of “I’ve Been Everywhere,” “Hello Love,” “I Don’t Hurt Anymore” and “Let Me Go, Lover!”
An accomplished songwriter known for his clear baritone voice, Snow’s songs touched a wide variety of subjects, from the anguish of tortured love to the joys of freedom and travel. With songs inspired by his impoverished beginnings during the Great Depression in Nova Scotia, Snow was encouraged to pursue his dream of becoming a famous singer, like his idol Jimmie Rodgers, by his mother, who was also musically talented. The recipient of numerous awards and a member of the Country Music Hall of Fame, the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame and the Canadian Music Hall of Fame, Hank Snow earned legendary status by overcoming adversity and becoming one of the most influential artists of all time.

About Country Rewind Records:
Country Rewind Records (CRR) was founded by Thomas Gramuglia of Hindsight Records in 2014, Gramuglia obtained a treasure chest of unreleased recordings from recruitment radio shows from the ‘60s and ‘70s. The superb CRR collection of original master recordings contains music from more than 100 country music legends and trendsetters (including intimate performances by country music greats such as Loretta Lynn, George Jones, Connie Smith, Faron Young, Dolly Parton, Conway Twitty and many more). These recordings were never released for commercial use. After a diligent quest to collect appropriate and legal permissions from artists and/or their estates, CRR has now recorded and produced multiple, quintessential, “must-hear” projects. With the mission to transfer these never-heard-before tracks to a high quality, state-of-the-art recording; complemented by contemporary instrumentation and background vocals, Country Rewind Records will release this historical American music to America’s music generations of the future. For more information, visit

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Country Rewind Records has announced the release of Hank Snow - The Lost Souvenir Collection with Special Guest Artist Jimmie Snow. Country Rewind Records is proud to present a special collection of newly discovered recordings from “The Singing Ranger,” Hank Snow. One of country music's most gifted performers who...