S2G“2Steel Girls have made their best music – no rules, just going in and recording the best version of themselves! This album is superb – they have gone to the next level and found a new sound that is tremendous! Love this.”– Leslie Fram, SVP Music & Talent/CMT

2Steel Girls recently released their debut album, The Real Thing. Within the first few weeks it hit the Billboard chart and began to garner rave reviews and critical acclaim.

Uncompromising in their artistic integrity, Allison and Krystal Steel have delivered an album that truly demonstrates the diverse wealth of talent the duo bring to the table. Genre-bending in its crafting, The Real Thing, produced by Mike Kyle along with Allison and Krystal, draws from the many and varied musical influences that have inspired the duo. From Elvis to Etta James, Whitney Houston to Steven Tyler, and Prince to Willie, the album presents a rainbow palette of sound that is as bright and explosive as the clothes they wear and their powerful and energetic stage show. With elements of power Pop and Rock ballads, Country, up tempo female empowerment themes set to retro ’80s Pop vibes, to soulful Blues Rock, The Real Thing is an album that truly represents who 2Steel Girls are as artists.

And the media are taking notice:  Patti McClintic of Think Country says: “This is GREAT music. Why would I listen to something that’s just alright, when I can listen to something that’s outstanding?”

Lindsey Sipe of The Country Note states: “In an industry that needs confident, independent women more than ever, power duo 2Steel Girls proves they can impact their dedicated following as well as new fans without losing authenticity. Their new album, ‘The Real Thing’, fits their energy-driven and bigger than life personalities. The spunkiness and funkiness of the fun pop songs will have you dancing out of your seats. The complex chords and emotional strings from the ballads are pulled to new heights with Allison and Krystal’s powerhouse vocals and perfectly matched harmonies. These ladies are definitely giving us a ‘Sugar Rush’ this summer! Chills all day!”

Big dreams are often born from the simplest things in life. That is definitely the case for the hottest new female duo on the scene, 2Steel Girls. Hailing from the Appalachian area of Southeast Ohio, music was always the simple thing that bound Allison and Krystal Steel together. Turning that simple common bond into big dreams has been an ever-present goal for the mother/daughter duo.

From their first professional appearance at the legendary Bluebird Café – to three national television performances as part of “Team Blake” in front of 14 million people on The Voice – to becoming the first music artists to ever launch a debut independent single with a live performance in front of millions of viewers on the Today show with Kathy Lee and Hoda Kotb after their fans initiated a campaign to “Get 2Steel Girls on the Today Show” via Facebook and email – chasing the big dream has taken a few amazing twists and turns along the way, but with each one they have grown artistically and more become determined than ever to see those big dreams become reality.

SGReflecting on their time on The Voice Allison recalls, “I learned that I didn’t know what the heck I was doing, or who I was as an artist. But the most valuable piece of advice that Blake Shelton gave us was ‘Just be yourselves.'” That advice would be hard to embrace after their time on the show was over. “We felt like we needed to listen to people in the industry, but they all had different opinions. We were told ‘your sound is too soulful, you need to add more twang, you dress too weird, you’re too goofy acting,'” says Krystal. “Basically, you have to fit in and be like everyone else. We felt like we were being put in a box. And we tried to record music that fit into that box. But we got to the point where we felt like it took all of the artistry out of it. The process of just standing behind a mic and singing and looking pretty just didn’t work for us. It just wasn’t who we are. We were so unhappy.”

But all of that changed when they went back to the advice that Blake had given them, to “Just be yourselves.” With that as their North Star to guide them, they set about finding and writing songs that were true to who they are as artists and began the process of recording The Real Thing.

“What we’ve learned through this whole process is people love good music. It doesn’t matter who the artist is. They just love good songs. Songs that make you feel an emotional connection to. Like Willie Nelson, his songs are simple, but powerful,” says Krystal.

And while 2Steel Girls are indeed finding success on their own terms as genre-bending artists in an industry that is not always accepting of creative diversity, their message remains simple; Stay true to yourself, make good music that makes people feel something, and never stop dreaming big dreams.

The Real Thing track listing:

  1. “Lost”
  2. “Sugar Rush”
  3. “Inside Your Head”
  4. “In My Head”
  5. “You Get Me” (featuring B. Cooper)
  6. “Cry Baby”
  7. “Wake Up Call”
  8. “I Won’t Grow Up”
  9. “Queen Bee”
  10. “Forward”
  11. “Flying High”

Stream The Real Thing on Spotify:  https://open.spotify.com/album/16BmRhan7cXyM2ZCoUEfJD?si=mgdIoPHeSmqUH49_4pHJXQ

Purchase The Real Thing on iTunes:  https://itunes.apple.com/il/album/the-real-thing/1382760168

To learn more about 2Steel Girls, go to: http://2steelgirls.com

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'2Steel Girls have made their best music - no rules, just going in and recording the best version of themselves! This album is superb - they have gone to the next level and found a new sound that is tremendous! Love this.'- Leslie Fram, SVP Music & Talent/CMT 2Steel Girls...