I’ve been listening to Stevenson Everett’s music for the quite a while now.  I had the good fortune of being introduced to his work by a Twitter friend.  I have been loving this man’s music.  I think it’s way past time I let you all in on what I’ve been listening to, so you can enjoy him, too.

A Georgia native, Stevenson currently resides in Nashville, and you will often find him performing at places like Luke Bryan’s new bar, Bluebird Cafe, and many other places.  But, if you don’t live in the Nashville area, have no fear … Just keep an eye on Stevensn’s tour schedule — he just might be coming to a town near you very soon.  With shows scheduled in Illinois, Ohio, Iowa, Nebraska, North Carolina, South Carolina and Virginia (to name a few), he is sure to find a stage in your neck of the woods.

Stevenson’s music is on Spotify, and you can hear a lot of his songs on his website.  I’ve been listening so much, that I have a lot of favorite songs I want to talk about.  I hope you will all visit his website, listen to some of the music, pick out the ones you like best, then head over to Amazon and shop for all of your favorites.

ES2“Bury Me in Louisiana” is from the album “Ballads and Blues”.  That album definitely has the right name.  Absolutely love the blusey sound of “Preacher Man”.  Stevenson is snapping his fingers to the rhythm of the song, and I guarantee you will be snapping your fingers, too.  Such a catchy melody, with great lyrics.    The title track, “Bury Me In Louisiana” is a kind of mid-tempo ballad.  This song is what country music is all about…it’s a story. You know the kind of song that you just can’t turn off when it starts, because you really want to know where it’s going… That is this song.  That one is one of my favorites out of the many Stevenson Everett songs I’ve heard so far.  “Cheyenne” is another great ballad, great story,  great lyrics and melody.

My Number 1 personal favorite out of everything I’ve heard is “Desire #3 (Not Supposed To)”.  I have been singing this song since I first heard it.  Great song, catchy tune, good lyrics.  It’s usually the story that makes me want to listen.  It’s usually the lyrics that catch my attention.  But, while the lyrics in this one are really good (and easy for us ‘sing-alongers’ to remember) – I think it was that melody that grabbed me.  This was the first one I heard that made me think ‘they need to send that to radio’.  But, I’ll have to admit, I pretty much thought that same thing when I heard “Shiny Things”.  There are a lot of songs by Stevenson Everett that are going to make you think ‘that song is definitely ‘radio ready.’

“Ready When You Are” (from his “Miles to Go” album is a really romantic ballad, and I think this song really shows off Stevenson’s vocals.  This one has to go on the ‘another one of my favorites’ list.  A song for every Daddy out there – “Sophia Rose”.  This song will touch the heart of both kinds of Dad out there – it is for the Dad watching his little girl grow up now, and the for the Dad who has already watched his daughter grow up, get married, and move away; this song takes you through all of that. It’s another slow one. And, personally, I like Stevenson’s slower stuff best.

ES1But, for those of you who like the uptempo, country/rock kind of sound, Stevenson has you covered. Check out “Born With It”.  From the drums in the intro, clear through the song, you have got a toe-tapping, hand popping, jump up and dance if you wanna, kind of beat. Good vocals, good lyrics.  Really good everything our country/rock fans want.  “Born With It”, the title track from that EP, is followed with “Frisky”.  Another fast song that fits in with what we are hearing on ‘today’s country’ radio.

While I compared Stevenson’s music to what our Top 40 Radio Stations call ‘today’s country’, I’m not comparing him to Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan, Blake Shelton, or any of the other artists you hear on those stations.  Stevenson definitely has his own uniqueness, his own unforgettable, sound.  “Once Upon A Town”  is one of those songs you are going to listen to and ask yourself, ‘why haven’t I heard this on the radio’.  I have a feeling it won’t be long before you do.

To keep up with all the latest Stevenson Everett news, visit his website and Facebook page.  You can follow him on Twitter @S_Everettmusic. We’ve got one of his songs from YouTube below, but, I hope you will all head over to his YouTube channel and listen to some of is other tings.








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I've been listening to Stevenson Everett's music for the quite a while now.  I had the good fortune of being introduced to his work by a Twitter friend.  I have been loving this man's music.  I think it's way past time I let you all in on what I've...