MWG_CBD_CoverIn August, we had an article posted about Mark Wayne Glasmire’s upcoming CD, “Can’t Be Denied”. We told you it was set to release on Oct. 12.  When I posted that article, I hadn’t heard the new album yet.  Now, I have, and, I can tell you all this …. country music fans, you are going to love this one!

I have some things going on in my world right now that are totally stressing me out. Since I’m not the kind of person who usually gets stressed, I don’t handle it well at all. I do believe I have just found a way to relieve some of that stress. I’m listening to Mark Wayne Glasmire.  And, that works.

We have had a few CD’s to review recently that really prove people who get all of their music on the radio are missing a lot.  What we call ‘Top 40 Country Stations’ that play what they call ‘Today’s Country’ are just not giving us enough.  So far, Mark’s music is one of the things our local country stations are missing. I’m hoping it won’t be long before they sit down and listen to his music, so they can get it out on the airwaves for all of you. In the meantime, remember, Oct. 12 is the release date for this really good CD from Mark.

I wasn’t too far into the first song, “I’ve Got A Feeling” when I thought to myself, ‘this album is going to be great’.  When I got to the end of the album, I was patting myself on the back saying, ‘I was right!’  I like this first song.  It was my first ‘one of my favorites’.  And, even after listening to the album many times, I still feel that way.

When “Without You” came on, I just kind of stopped doing everything, sat back and listened.  I thought this one would be the right time to grab a cup of coffee and think … about a lot of things. It’s one of the slow ones on the album.  And it sounds like he was putting all of his thoughts on paper when he wrote it.  We often look back over our lives, over different events, good times and bad times; and, I think that is what Mark was doing when he wrote this one.  One of my favorites on the album, for sure.

“Gone Too Soon” is another favorites on this album.  (Are you getting the idea that by the time I finish I will have listened to a 12-track CD, and determined I have 12 favorites). This a song about his grandfather, who was gone too soon.  The chorus is one I found myself singing from almost the first time I listened to it.  ‘Gone too soon, like the warmth of summer, sands of time piling on each other, as life moves on it’s easy to discover, tomorrow will be gone too soon.’

If you like listening to the lyrics, if they are as important to you as the melody, you will like everything about these songs.  Mark wrote or co-wrote all 12 songs on this album. Yet, they are all completely different.  Many times when one album is done by only a few writers, the music starts to sound the same.  With Mark’s creativity and talent, that didn’t happen on this album.  From the first track to the last, you get something different every time you move down the list.

When you are ready to smile and maybe even get up and dance, you want to jump down to “Deep Inside My Heart”.  This is what you might expect to hear in a Honky Tonk in Texas.  And, Mark managed to pull that off without losing the great lyrics and story. Get the fiddle playing, get the people stomping, and tell them about falling in love.

“Out of the Frying Pan” is fun, cute, fast, well-written…and, like “Deep Inside My Heart,” it is another song that made me think of how much fun his audience must have when he sings that one at a show.

The information that came with the CD said, “With a voice as comfortable as your favorite old shirt and as warm as springtime, Mark Wayne Glasmire has all an artist needs to touch a listener’s heart”.  I wish I had said that.  Because it describes perfectly what you are going to hear on this album.

Tracklist with songwriter:
1. I’ve Got A Feeling (D. Champion, M. Glasmire)
2. Those Nights (M. Glasmire)
3. Can’t be Denied (L. Gravell, M. Glasmire)
4. Without You (M. Glasmire)
5. Alysia (L. Gravell, M. Glasmire)
6. Borderline (T. Guardino, M. Glasmire)
7. Feel Your Love (M. Glasmire)
8. Gone Too Soon (M. Glasmire)
9. this Too Shall Pass (B. Saporiti, M. Glasmire)
10. Deep Inside My Heart (M. Glasmire)
11. Out of the Frying Pan (C. Holland, M. Glasmire)
12. Thru My Eyes (M. Glasmire)

Produced by John Albani and Mark Wayne Glasmire
Recorded at Sonic Eden Studios, Nashville, Tenn.

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Instagram:  @mwgmusicman
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In August, we had an article posted about Mark Wayne Glasmire's upcoming CD, 'Can't Be Denied'. We told you it was set to release on Oct. 12.  When I posted that article, I hadn't heard the new album yet.  Now, I have, and, I can tell you all this...