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LISTEN & SHARE: Suzannah – “Skeletons”
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“A true veer into the edge of Outlaw Country…. Suzannah is not going to be pinned down into any narrow genre definition.”Americana UK

“The centerpiece and title track of the album, [this] introspective groover finds Suzannah tracing the hero’s journey to self-discovery.”– Wide Open Country

“Deftly maneuvering between old school twang and something approximating Cocteau Twins covering Patsy Cline, her sound is a gauzy melding of influences which speaks to the range of musical histories contained within.”– Beats Per Minute

“With her mellifluous vocals and a sound right of the fourth generation of country, Suzannah delivers a beautifully performed piece of music about perseverance.”- Folk N Rock

“Suzannah’s gentle vocal performance is full of heart and has an incredible soothing power.”Tonic Grain

“Poignant, moving, and evocative of another time, Suzannah transports her listeners to a world of her own, which echoes a bygone country aroma of Linda Rondstadt and Emmylou Harris.”Glide Magazine

Earlier this year, Baltimore-based singer songwriter Suzannah announced her solo debut record, Is There Any Love In Your Heart (out November 10th) and shared lead single “Losing Side of Town,” garnering the attention of Glide Magazine, who compared her evocative sound to the “bygone country aroma of Linda Rondstadt and Emmylou Harris.” Last month, the Americana artist shared another hit single “Skeletons” accompanied by a moving music video about the hurt, shame, and manipulation that comes from toxic relationships. Beats Per Minute described her sound as a “Cocteau Twins covering Patsy Cline.”

Now, she is ready to share her final offering before her album release: the title track, “Is There Any Love In Your Heart,” a bluesy rock n roll groover all about solving problems by looking within.

On the title track to the album, Suzannah shares: “I wanted to explore the downtrodden hero that feels like no matter what they do, they can’t get it right. In the context of the album, this is the middle of the journey where they’re starting to realize they’re dealing with a rigged game and now that they understand the game, they know the right question to ask. In the first verse, they’re up against the law; the second verse implies they’re pleading in front of a judge of some sort; and the third verse implies they’ve been imprisoned and their pleading didn’t matter. They’ve come to the realization that they’ve actually been doing it all wrong by looking to other people and the outside world. They’ve spent a long time at the mercy of others and realize now the only place to look is inside oneself (or to God).”

Keep an eye out for Suzannah’s solo debut album, Is There Any Love In Your Heart, out in November 2022. Is There Any Love In Your Heart is an album about forgiveness and redemption, grace and mercy. It’s about being up against something bigger than oneself, a foe, a force trying to hold one back. It’s about having your name tarnished, your heart ripped out. It’s about being dragged through the mud. You look back. How do you respond? What can you do? It’s about having gotten too close to something you shouldn’t have seen, having been deep down in the darkness and coming out on the other side. You may not be fully healed, and you’re forever changed, but by the grace of God you escaped a worse fate. Have you forgiven? Can you show mercy when it wasn’t shown to you? Is there any love in your heart?

Mixed by Chris Shaw (Bob Dylan, Wilco, Public Enemy) with guest appearances from Jason Wilber (John Prine), Ron Stewart (Seldom Scene) and Mike Lowry (Future Islands). Core band is Suzannah, Dave Heumann (Arbouretum) on electric guitar, bass and piano, Mike Kuhl on drums, Chas Marsh on bass, Dave Hadley on pedal steel and Walker Teret (Lower Dens, Celebration) on bass, piano and acoustic guitar. Recorded mostly at Suzannah’s home studio in Baltimore with additional tracking at Wrightway Studios. All songs written by Suzannah.

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Suzannah Bio:  Suzannah is a singer-songwriter based in Baltimore, Maryland. Drawing on her years of experience performing country covers and originals with bands in Austin, Baltimore and Nashville, Suzannah’s songs blend the love and reverence she has for traditional songwriting with contemporary and classic sounds and production.

On her journey as an artist, Suzannah shares: “It took me a long time to reach a point where I felt my recording sensibility was pacing with my songwriting, where I was finally able to translate what I was hearing in my head onto ‘tape’. We have a home studio, so I am not hindered by label obligations or industry expectations, and I can take my time. I’m not in it for the money. We experiment with modern sounds and techniques a lot too, but it was important for me that this first album be more of a bare presentation of what we simply sound like as musicians playing our instruments, what we can do as a live band. An introduction if you will.”

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LISTEN & SHARE: Suzannah - 'Is There Any Love In Your Heart' Soundcloud | Spotify LISTEN & SHARE: Suzannah - 'Skeletons' SoundCloud | YouTube | Spotify LISTEN/WATCH & SHARE: Suzannah - 'Losing Side of Town' SoundCloud | YouTube | Spotify 'A true veer into the edge of Outlaw Country.... Suzannah is not going to be pinned down into any narrow genre definition.'– Americana...